Jan 20, 2022
The Gift of Stones
Posted by Jim Crace

[PDF] Read ☆ The Gift of Stones : by Jim Crace [PDF] Read ☆ The Gift of Stones : by Jim Crace - The Gift of Stones, The Gift of Stones Salute the liars they can make the real world disappear and a fresh world take its place Set in a coastal Stone Age village at the advent of bronze Jim Crace s second novel published for the first t [PDF] Read ☆ The Gift of Stones : by Jim Crace - The Gift of Stones, The Gift of Stones Salute the liars they can make the real world disappear and a fresh world take its place Set in a coastal Stone Age village at the advent of bronze Jim Crace s second novel published for the first t

  • Title: The Gift of Stones
  • Author: Jim Crace
  • ISBN: 9780141012346
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Gift of Stones : by Jim Crace, The Gift of Stones, Jim Crace, The Gift of Stones Salute the liars they can make the real world disappear and a fresh world take its place Set in a coastal Stone Age village at the advent of bronze Jim Crace s second novel published for the first time in Penguin paperback is marked by astonishing poetic resonance and daring imagination As the stories of the narrators unfold conflicting truths are revealed tr Salute the liar.

    [PDF] Read ☆ The Gift of Stones : by Jim Crace - The Gift of Stones, The Gift of Stones Salute the liars they can make the real world disappear and a fresh world take its place Set in a coastal Stone Age village at the advent of bronze Jim Crace s second novel published for the first t


    The story , set in the Stone Age concerns a small community engaged in mining , crafting and trade of stone products People consider themselves the chosen ones and diligently guard the secrets of their craft They have not interest in the outside world , do not like the sea over which their hamlet is located Stone is their whole world.They know all about its texture , thickness , they know how to hit to make a suitable tool , knife or arrow head They are endowed with the gift of stones.And their [...]


    Like Crace s first novel this is inspired by early stages of civilization just instead of imaginary continent this one is actually set in distant past in transition from stone to bronze age Again we have clash of old ways with new technology fall of old world and powers and rise of new but also story of birth of storytelling itself.Since novel is set before recorded history it s hard to set authentic atmosphere yet Crace manages to do it well Language is simple yet clean, fitting age where it is [...]


    He rehearsed for us the scripture of our village that we could not be touched because we possessed the gift of stones If all that the outside world needed was to pound and crush and hammer like savages then any rock would do But once they wanted , to pierce and slice, cut and scrapeen they, those farmers, horsemen, fishers, wrights, could not be free of us and we were safe.Jim Crace s second novel is set in a coastal village in an unnamed country, during the late Neolithic period It is the Stone [...]


    A friend once told me that really good poems operate on three levels The first is the literal level What happens The second is the figurative level Abstracted, what does that mean And the third is the poetic level What if this poem were actually about poetry The Gift of Stones operates on these three levels On the literal level, it is a cusp of the Bronze Age story of an outcast who becomes a storyteller and witnesses the collapse of his village On the figurative level, it explores the power of [...]

    Claire McAlpine

    One of Jim Crace s earlier philosophical works, tells the tale of a village of stone workers, who live a simple life working stone into weapons, which are then traded with passers by for food and other essentials, things they are not able to provide for themselves, in the arid landscape where they reside It is a livelihood they think little about, it is all they know.A boy s destiny is changed after he is injured in the arm by an arrow The arrow is a symbol of change and both opens and closes th [...]


    a poetic, lyrical investigation of the nature of truth and the nature of story, set in a neolithic village on the verge of encountering bronze age technology.ORthe story of a horny one armed inverterate liar, a semi starved prostitute with a love of goose flesh, a village full of rock bashers, and a few sailboats that don t stop for lunch.


    This is something between a novella and a full length novel, at 200 pages long, so it s pretty easy to tear through It would even call it a page turner chapters are short enough that I definitely got tempted into a just one mindset I m just not sure that I liked it That s not to say I disliked it I feel ambivalently about this book.The Gift of Stones doesn t really have a point to its story, or a satisfying arc, so to speak It s of a snapshot like an artist trying to capture one striking momen [...]

    Kathryn Berla

    My fourth book by Jim Crace so obviously I love the way he writes and I m going to love this book and I did.

    Lee Broderick

    Ostensibly a novel about one village facing a violent and sudden end to the neolithic a literal way for the Bronze Age to enter someone s life there could not be this novel is about far than that.Jim Crace has a superb command of the English tongue and the language used here is beautiful Rather than a straight forward coming of an age tale though, the focus is less on the changes that the new technology brings into people s lives and on the way in which people choose to live their lives.The n [...]


    Ever since I read William Golding s The Inheritors many, many years ago I have been fascinated with pre historic man by that I mean the era before recorded history In this short but powerfully evocative little novel Crace brings us the story of a stone age village of flint workers told through the eyes of a young girl adopted by a one armed young man who, unable to work the flints, found his calling as a story teller who fashioned tales to suit his audience just as the workers fashioned flints f [...]

    Adam Rabiner

    Gift of Stones is set in an unknown land, high on an ocean bluff perhaps England, Ireland, Wales, or Scotland but a very specific time, the tale end of the Stone Age, roughly 2,000 BCE It s a richly imagined and beautifully written novel Stones are the lifeblood of a an unnamed village They support the dull and work a day stoners craftspeople and merchants whose days are spent quarrying, carving, and trading tools and implements But change is in the winds and the arrival of distant traders from [...]

    J.S. Dunn

    Told in simply constructed prose, an odd and touching little book set as the Bronze Age appears, ostensibly along the Atlantic coast The tale avoids the trap of using simplistic names for the characters the Ugg and Erg sort of name or ascribing limited intelligence to them, and elevates the simplicity of its language Would have benefited from some research to make it authentic in atmosphere and details, but contains nothing palpably wrong that pulls one out of the story.


    This was a beautifully written book about storytelling, imagination, change and people s resistance to change I liked the interaction between the narrator s father and the village members I also liked how the narrator told the audience how sometimes telling stories can backfire when one wants to tell the truth.


    If I could give this book ten stars I would A work of genius that I would recommend to anyone who has a love of the written word and the art of the storyteller Full review to follow.


    I read this a long time ago.But the further on life goes, the remarkable I think it is that it s from around 1989 It is, in a nutshell, about the Stone Age on the cusp of the Iron Age and what that means for merchants and makers In many ways, it s similar to life today and those who embrace what is new versus what is old Each has its place But they won t all be successful Jim Crace has a very stylistic way of writing that isn t for everyone I enjoy his work and find he makes you THINK than mos [...]

    Soren Kerk

    A compelling historical novel One learns Also, a writer who can craft a sentence, a sentence that ripples through you like a well like only a sentence can.

    Mary Overton

    A crippled outcast earns a place in his stone age village by becoming its storyteller His daughter describes the transformation We have heard my father talking and we know the way he worked We know that when he spoke he shaped the truth, he trimmed, he stretched, he decorated He was to truth what every stoney craftsman who makes knives arrow heads was to untouched flint, a fashioner, a god We know that when he said, I ll keep it simple too, I won t tell lies, that this was just another arrow fro [...]


    I d waited a long time to get my hands on this and had high expectations for it Crace gets big plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic, and this supposed tale of a flint knapping village overtaken by the advent of bronze seemed appealingly Goldingesque It wasn t terrible, but I found the characterisation sketchy and uninvolving and with the sole exception of the destruction of the geese scene the neolithic world of GOS rather weakly imagined So far as substance is concerned, I also felt a little [...]

    Diane Warrington

    I originally chose this book because I was searching for Crace s latest book but found this instead It is a very intriguing story of a community not only living on the edge of land and sea but on the cusp of the Stone age being overtaken by the Bronze age They are a small village of stone workers Everyone knows this craft and that s what they trade with the merchants and the horsemen for goods and food.However there s another story altogether and it s about storytelling The story has several nar [...]


    Somewhat disappointing I almost gave it two stars I liked the premise, but the language just seemed wrong It is the story of a community of stone workers in a pre Bronze Age world who had perfected the art of creating tools from stone They worked with flint and created the sharpest and best knives, arrowheads, spears and other tools They traded them for all other needs and had a very comfortable existence even though the work was grueling Only one individual in the community had ever left the ar [...]


    These past two months may have been the longest I ve gone without reading Knitting has taken over But, thanks to B Club, I picked this up I decided to read it less as historical fiction and as fantasy magical realism esque, which I think helped me to enjoy it better There were some good lines If he was at a loss to comprehend the depth of pleasure that a fire can give, then what could he make of dawn 71 Here were people with the eye to penetrate a stone, to look beyond the crust of smoky, mottl [...]


    Jim Crace is such a good writer, even though some of his stories are a little odd This story takes place in the stone age, in a small community that makes stone tools and believes they will always be the chosen people because people will always need tools, and they are experts at working with stones They depend on their trade to buy food, clothing, etc instead of learning to do some of these things themselves Then metals make their appearance The characters seem real, except very heartless I thi [...]


    This book was absently added to my carry on while packing and I forgot about it until the return trip In a darkened airliner, while my fellow passengers slept or watched media, I turned on my light and started this page turner I turned so many pages that I finished reading the book as the plane landed, and it was only a domestic flight That is one of my barometers for a well written booke ability to keep me absorbed while the night sky flies past.It s one thing for an author to get the reader in [...]


    The writing is beautiful, rhythmic and distinct but without a superfluous adjective Its a thin book and if it wasn t being read aloud at various intervals then it would have probably been a quick read That said, had I read it quickly and silently I suspect I would not have appreciated its beauties quite so much Like poetry this is a book that need to be read aloud to fully appreciate it.The central idea the move from stone age to bronze age and the plot and characters are interesting although th [...]

    AdultFiction Teton County Library

    TCL Call Number F CracePauline s rating 5 starsSuch gorgeous writing in this novel set in the late neolithic period, when all tools and weapons are made of the stones referenced in the title Narrated by a daugher and her father, who has lost part of his arm in a conflict over flint, and then becomes the village storyteller, because he is no longer suited for other work In order to expand his repertoire of stories, he must leave their home and travel and see what s outside their immediate area, a [...]


    I picked this up at the library, had never heard of the book or the author, and I got it because I like reading about prehistoric things I enjoyed this novel a lot I will seek out the author s other books It s written poetically but not distractingly so, and it immersed me in the characters world It did a good job of sounding like a prehistoric person but not at all like Me Ogg or something It s an intelligent narrator whose intelligence feels natural to the story Very cool if you like this sort [...]


    But all he saw were horses in the wind, the tide in loops upon the beach, the spray wet rocks and stones reflecting all the changes in the sky, and no one there to notice or applaud Last line from The Gift of Stones by Jim Crace An intriguing story told by different narrators, which demonstrates the art of storytelling It s almost devised as a game of Chinese whispers, and makes you question everything you read The cusp between the Stone and Bronze age, when the novel s set provided an interesti [...]


    Beautifully written tale of a small village in the Stone Age, and how one man, takes on the role as a storyteller, before the written word, as a way to find his place among his people At first it s a historical account of the people during this part of history, secondly, a social understanding of how change affects a community Masterfully written in a novella, Crace s literary prose is intelligent and spellbinding The coming of the Bronze age changes everything We can learn much from history, as [...]


    I ve read two of Crace s books so far this one and _Harvest_ in both of them he identifies a small group of people at a very particular point in time In _Harvest_, a small farming villages is moved from communal subsistence farming, to profit by the landowner In _The Gift of Stone_, we follow a small Stone Age village of stone workers as the a Bronze Age comes to life I like Crace because he makes me think about things events that don t normally come to mind I ll probably read of his work over [...]

    Paula Coston

    Many would call this book masculine , I suspect, but I love it muscular prose telling a brutal story simply and concentratedly, not at the length that many authors seem to fall prey to these days It really makes you think about the effect of change on any society or culture also about when, and whether, you can call any culture primitive As a writer, I m full of admiration for the way that Crace uses metaphor and simile constrained by nature and other features of the civilization at the period o [...]

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    The Gift of Stones