Jan 20, 2022
The Lottery Rose
Posted by Irene Hunt

Free Download The Lottery Rose - by Irene Hunt Free Download The Lottery Rose - by Irene Hunt - The Lottery Rose, The Lottery Rose The Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly presents the story of a young boy from a troubled family who learns what it means to love The Lottery RoseAbused by his moth Free Download The Lottery Rose - by Irene Hunt - The Lottery Rose, The Lottery Rose The Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly presents the story of a young boy from a troubled family who learns what it means to love The Lottery RoseAbused by his moth

  • Title: The Lottery Rose
  • Author: Irene Hunt
  • ISBN: 9780425182796
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Free Download The Lottery Rose - by Irene Hunt, The Lottery Rose, Irene Hunt, The Lottery Rose The Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly presents the story of a young boy from a troubled family who learns what it means to love The Lottery RoseAbused by his mother and her boyfriend Georgie Burgess learns to hide his hurt He withdraws into a safe and secret world of beautiful gardens filled with roses just like those in the libraryThe Newber.

    Free Download The Lottery Rose - by Irene Hunt - The Lottery Rose, The Lottery Rose The Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly presents the story of a young boy from a troubled family who learns what it means to love The Lottery RoseAbused by his moth


    One of my most vivid reading memories is being completely crushed by this book when I was in junior high I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom and sobbing uncontrollably, grateful that I was reading it at home rather than at school.I ve recommended it to many students over the years, but the book has become harder and harder to find It s been weeded out of my local library in favor of recent titles, so I decided to buy a copy or two for my classroom library When the book arrived from la [...]


    This book was great not just because it had many details in it, but because of the story that is being told A little kid being abused by his own parents and not having anyone else but her drunk mother that beat him up everyday was horrible Til one day his life changed drastically when he won a bush of roses in a lottery The roses was all he had His life changed for good til that day He didn t have to stand his mother beating him any now he had people that loved and care for him now I loved this [...]


    I read this book in the 6th grade and it has stuck with me since It is a very sad and depressing story with many happy moments spread throughout This was the first novel that made tears literally pour from my eyes I even remember the day walking into class after reading the last chapter If only people of the world would read this and realize what is actually happening it this world.


    Reread this to a class of seventh graders because they wanted to read something sad When we finished, they looked at me like That s it Bunch of heartless kids.

    Linda Hart

    Not her best book It is an uncomplicated, sweet but unlikely story with unlikely characters and unlikely resolutions It is a message of hope, but it drags a little I like Irene Hunt s books but this one disappointed.


    A sapy, heartbreaking, and boring book.


    This book tells short story about a little boy, Georgie, who is abused by his mother and her boy friend The boy lives in a miserable life and he tries to hide the hurt and his sadness He is ashamed when being with the others He likes flowers so much and when he wins a lottery rosebush from a grocery, he gives his all love to the flowers He is sent to a house when there are many boys living He is safe there and learn new experiences in his life recieving and offering love.This book is very valuab [...]

    Gabriella Reed

    Objective Summary The Lottery Rose is by Irene Hunt, and It s placed in the 1970 s, and it starts off in the city, but later changes The book is about a boy named Georgie who gets abused by his mother and her boyfriend, Steve Georgie wins a rose bush at a grocery store lottery, and becomes very close to it, but when he takes it home, Steve beats him with a chair leg and he passes out He gets sent to a school house in the country, and he tries to plant the rose bush in the neighbor s garden, but [...]


    This was a book I remembered from my childhood mainly because the teacher who was reading it to our class sobbed so hard through the last chapter that I went 30 years without actually knowing how it ended I bought it with the intention of giving it away to a specific young person, but decided to give it a quick read in case it was below her reading level or a little to on the nose in subject matter It s about a boy who is horribly abused, almost beaten to death by his mother s boyfriend, and ult [...]

    Aubrey H

    My fourth book is called The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt This book is Young adult fiction The story takes place in Florida, and it s about a boy named Georgie who is abused by his mother and her boyfriend He pushes through, and avoids his mother and her boyfriend as much as possible Although he is mistreated, he finds that flowers calm him down, and take him to his happy place Georgie later wins a rosebush at his grocery store and takes care of it, because this is something that he s never had I [...]


    How do I review as incredibly powerful a novel as this, one I firmly believe should have won the 1977 Newbery Medal even with Mildred D Taylor s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry in the mix Irene Hunt s The Lottery Rose is almost for sure one of the top five books I ve ever read It s the sort of novel that changes a person forever I can t imagine anyone giving it a thoughtful read and ever being the same again The Lottery Rose deserves the complete review treatment from me, forging paragraph after em [...]


    I picked up this book because I remembered a few people recomending it to me a while ago I was a little bit skeptical, because it seemed old Not like Pride and prejudice old, just old I know I shouldn t judge a book by it s cover but I cant help it I usually go for the books with bright happy covers, and whiter pages, with bigger print This one seemed dull and yellowy But I am so glad I ended up reading it This book was amazing I love the detail the author puts into it I cried several times whil [...]

    Maggie Mallory

    If you liked A Child Called It , then this book is for you As for me, I hate reading books about child abuse like this one It actually makes me physically ill It has a good ending, and towards the middle, it gets heartfelt, and wonderful Not many books can make me cry at the end, but this one did Actually a really good book when you get towards the middle I loved it

    Marianna V.

    This was amazing book, this book put me into tears Had incredible story to tell and had sad events but amazing thematic statement to tell at the end.


    Overall, it was an interesting way to approach the subject of teacher student bullying and child abuse, but the story could have attempted to dig deeper.

    Willa Suggs

    As an adoptive mother of children who have been abused and neglected this little fellow touched my heart as did his hesitancy to allow himself to be loved A very quick read Worth the time.

    Mrs. Sodie

    I loved this book it s a sweet, sad story And a quick read


    I love that this book tackles some difficult concepts in language that is accessible to young people But the same thing that makes this book unique also waters down many of its other themes IH faces the child abuse issue head on Georgie is terrorized and traumatized by his childhood experiences We follow him on his road to healing.The road is fairly direct and predictable I suppose younger readers need that comfort But would the rage that IH describes in Georgie really dissipate that completely [...]

    Oscar R

    It started when a 10 year old called Georgie had found a lottery ticket He had won first prize and got a beautiful rose He loved roses and flowers He had a family but that didn t make him happy Georgie had a hard life, even though his mother wasn t there for him, he had decided to run away from that place Then he had to go to a foster home He didn t like it, but it was the only place to live When Georgie had bad memories of his bad childhood, he would get out a rose book that was given to from t [...]

    William Z

    The Lottery Rose by Irene hunt is a story about a young boy named Georgie burgess and how he handles the struggles through his life It first takes place in a small city where he lives in an apartment with his mom, who is an alcoholic He is scared to live there because his mom s boyfriend stops by and hurts and beats Georgie up and then just leaves and his mom doesn t do anything to stop her boyfriend Georgie sometimes walks over to a grocery store nearby and one day his mom gave him money to buy [...]


    Objective Summary In The Lottery Rose, Georgie is a young boy who lived in an abusive home where his drunk mother and her boyfriend beat him One day he gets beat so badly that Georgie wakes up to find himself with a broken arm and strangers all around him He is then sent to a boarding school, along with a rose bush that he won in a lottery When he gets there he wants to plant it in a private garden but the owner says no Georgie starts to hate this woman, but in the end, Georgie and the lady get [...]

    Macy Neader

    spoilers The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt was a very slow book I don t recommend it because I thought the whole book was very slow and unenjoyable I never seemed to connect to the characters, and I had to force myself to finish it My overall feeling about the book is that it was only okay, partially because it didn t have any action I would recommend to people who generally read realistic fiction.This book begins with Georgie Burgess, a young troublesome child who has an interest in gardening and [...]

    Emily Martell

    Georgie Burgess is a seven year old boy from Tampa, Florida He lives with his abusive mother, Rennie, and her also abusive boyfriend, Steve he is eventually taken from their care, to briefly live with Mrs Sims, the cashier at the market In the first parts of the story, you will find that Georgie has a massive love for flowers especially roses, and gets lost in a book that satisfies his liking for the magical and brightening color that the flowers give off Soon after, Georgie enters a competition [...]

    Bekka F

    The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt is about a young boy named Georgie who was living in a home where his mother and her boyfriend beat him Georgie was threatened that if was to tell anyone that this was happening at home he would be killed Georgie won a rose bush in a drawing at the nearby grocery store His parents were then caught and his mother s boyfriend was taken to jail Georgie was moved to an all boys private school taught by nuns He and his rose bush were well taken care of There was a garde [...]

    Valentina Salazar

    A boy named Georgie lives with a mother who has a boyfriend that comes over and physically abuses Georgie One day, Georgie wins a rosebush when he gets home that night, Georgie gets beaten and passes out in the process The next morning he wake up to find himself laying down on the couch with a nurse attending to his wounds and an officer asking him questions Georgie gets sent to live with one of his good friends, who s an adult responsible for Georgie winning the rosebush in the first place Soon [...]

    Tasia Kohler

    The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt is a story about a young boy named Georgie Burgess who is shy but also a little disrespectful when it comes to listening It takes place in the country at a school just for boys around the 1970 s Georgie has to be taken away from his home because he was in danger where he was living, so they took him to court and found a school that would love to have him The first time Georgie got to the school he didn t want to talk to anyone, until he saw a garden across the stre [...]

    Jacob Ritter

    The Lottery Rose, by Irene Hunt is a story about Goegie, a 7 year old , a nice and kind boy It takes place in a chapel The story begins when Goergie gets abused by his parents and then he goes to a special place for boys so he wouldn t have to be abused again After a while at being at the chapel he gets a rose bush from the lottery and he wants to plant it on Mrs Harper s lawn but she didn t let him until she saw all the raw cuts, bruises, and scars but he was mad afterwards when she saw Goergie [...]

    Erik E

    The Lottery Rose had a rhythm It went from ups and downs real quick in a turn of events I wish the book would have been a little longer I wanted to hear about the characters and the aftermath after the turn of events This book takes place in Tampa, Florida It doesn t take place in the present but a little ways down the road It was creative seeing the way that the main character develops through all the twists and turns the story threw at him It was a unique point of view that you see the main c [...]

    Amber Eck

    The Lottery Rose is about a young boy who wins a Rose in the grocery store lottery However, one night, while at home, his mother s boyfriend, who beats him, shows up and looks directly at the young boy The boy screams and the man begins to beat him The cops are eventually involved and the young boy wakes up on the couch, a nurse looking over him Apparently, the man beat him with a chair leg A funny part happens here The boy asks for his rose plant, but the janitor says he threw it out to the gar [...]

    Jacque Schneider

    GoodReads Book ReviewPlease copy and paste your Book Review here then add to your review by writing another paragraph that discusses your personal feelings about the book This is where you will add your personal feelings, opinions, perceptions, and inferences.Book Challenge Objective SummaryBook Title Lottery RoseAuthor Irene HuntObjective Summary In The Lottery Rose, Georgie Burgess is the main character He is eight years old The setting is in Tampa Bay, Florida George s mom and her boyfriend a [...]

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