Jan 20, 2022
The Simple Living Guide
Posted by Janet Luhrs

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Simple Living Guide : by Janet Luhrs [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Simple Living Guide : by Janet Luhrs - The Simple Living Guide, The Simple Living Guide Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life this book can be your guide Janet Luhrs the nationally recognized f [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Simple Living Guide : by Janet Luhrs - The Simple Living Guide, The Simple Living Guide Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life this book can be your guide Janet Luhrs the nationally recognized f

  • Title: The Simple Living Guide
  • Author: Janet Luhrs
  • ISBN: 9780553067965
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Simple Living Guide : by Janet Luhrs, The Simple Living Guide, Janet Luhrs, The Simple Living Guide Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life this book can be your guide Janet Luhrs the nationally recognized founder and editor of the Simple Living Journal brings together strategies inspiration resources and real life profiles of people who have slowed down overcome obstaclesWhe.

    [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Simple Living Guide : by Janet Luhrs - The Simple Living Guide, The Simple Living Guide Whether you are looking at small solutions for cutting down the stress in your life or taking the big leap toward the simpler life this book can be your guide Janet Luhrs the nationally recognized f


    Before you read this one, you may want to consider the irony of a 400 page book on simplicity It s a good warning of what you re going to get into.Despite its length, this book is surprisingly low on useful content A good half of the book is filled with accounts of particular people s simple lives either the author s own, or those of people she interviewed While occassionally interesting, that s not at all helpful for practically simplifying your own life Of what s left, much of it is Luhrs talk [...]

    April Franklin

    I picked this up because I wanted a guide to lowering stress and balancing work, family and health Instead I found anti vaccine ideas and the most offensive statement I have ever read regarding breastfeeding On page 271 the author is describing an isolated community in northern India with a record of good health She writes that in this community, babies who can not breastfeed die and are thus spared the future gastro intestinal miseries that she claims accompany bottle feeding What a horrible, m [...]

    Logan Hughes

    SKIM ALERT i didn t finish this book I couldn t stick with it I love books on minimizing, downsizing, decluttering, homesteading, living simply, etc but I need them to be practice oriented More how to, maybe Although it s titled and marketed as a guide or handbook, I didn t feel like this presented concrete, actionable ideas about how to scale down your life Instead, it s ruminations on why how the author feels that life is getting too complex for many people I guess this could be useful if you [...]

    Nora Davis

    A life changing book for me Soon after reading I wanted to get rid of most of my stuff and never purchase anything else unless it truly served a unique purpose in my life The wonders of life are in the people we surround ourselves and the experiences we have The things that we purchase mostly serve to clutter our lives and distract from what s most important.


    I did not finish this book I got about 25% of the way through before I had to just put it down There are a few good basic tips but much of the discussion focuses on the importance of being debt free and saving for the future These two points are very good practices but, when I stopped, there weren t many points of how to get that way or practices to change Also this book was published in the late 1990s and much of the emphasis in the discussion points have changed.An example of this is that much [...]


    Although there is no groundbreaking or new information in this book, I really enjoyed it Yeah, you can find most of this information out there on various websites, blogs, and in other books, but this is a really nice comprehensive guide that also includes real life stories of people who have applied these principles to their lives The theme of the book focuses on figuring out what your values are and then evaluating whether or not how you spend your time and money support your values The Simple [...]


    I marked this as read although I didn t read it all the way through It would be difficult to do so, I think, since it s so incredibly full of information and suggestions Instead, I skipped through, reading a bit here and a bit there and focussing my attention closely on those areas of particular interest to me and then just picked today to say that I was, effectively, done.While there s information in this book than one can really use, that s kind of the point Luhrs presents snapshots of people [...]

    Sarah Miller

    This slightly tattered book stood out to me while browsing a Goodwill store I am so thankful I bought this little thing I didn t necessarily need This book, written in 1997, is the perfect wake up to all of us who are bogged down by the speed of life Janet Luhrs is a steadfast believer in voluntary simplicity and believes each of us should put away our cell phones and take time to smell the roses Simplicity is not about depriving yourself but fostering an appreciation for the world and people ar [...]


    Found this on a 99 cent book rack at Goodwill, and the title drew me in Now don t get me wrong, the book shows it s age, especially in the financial section, but the basic tenements hold true Don t want to work Don t spend money Don t want to deal with stuff Don t accumulate it Etc I found myself taking copious notes in the wide margins, and re evaluating my life Happy I found it.That said I did skip over one section relating to simplifying health, mainly avoiding doctors vaccines western medici [...]


    My plan was to read this book and pass it along Instead, it s still on my shelf and is the book I go back to when I feel like life is getting away from me The variety of topics lets me find what s appropriate for current circumstances today it s pressure to schedule every minute of my child s life Last month it was shop, shop, shopping with friends Things that don t make me happy but I get caught up in doing It s also completely changed the way we travel Something that I didn t realize could be [...]


    Loved Loved Loved this book It is not a weird hippy type book, but a practical book with so many ideas that you can pick and choose what you feel will work for you And the basic foundation is not moving to the country and living off the land , it s making your life easier so you can spend time enjoying the things that are really important to you This is one book that I will actually keep to re read once or twice a year I am implementing some of the ideas already and it really feels great to sim [...]

    Rosi Green

    I recommend this book to everybody I got this when I decided not to work for a year and a half after I had my second baby Living on one income was scary but this book helped me enjoy living simple I learned things that I continue to use even with our 2 incomes now It can be a guide to live on less money or to plan for an early retirement if you have money Living simple is a great way to reduce stress in our busy lives It also helped me realize what a consumer I was Living simply can help us all [...]


    I started picking a couple of books of this theme because I felt I needed to ground myself from my rampant consumerism so as to avoid repeating past mistakes This book does a good job of covering most of the bases you could think of where your life could become complex Unique to this particular book on the subject are the real life stories interjected from people who made a decision to simplify their life and how they did it Very interesting and since it is a lengthy book for one of this nature, [...]


    I started the book during breakfast yesterday and I am really getting some good tips from it It s not merely giving up your large house and moving to the country to raise your own food, but finding a simplicity in the way you live.As I move away from frenzied deadlines and expectations from my work, I question what I am seeking now I never did go crazy for shopping at the Nordtroms, but a book store could ruin my budget really fast So I am looking at the different ways of meeting my needs, but n [...]


    A little dated, but it is the grandma of simple living books.

    Julian Pecenco

    In addition to being rather dated, this book felt a lot like it was mostly quotes from other books, with a few profiles of people sprinkled throughout I wanted to like it, but it ending up being a bit of a slog.

    Benjamin Barnes

    Promised alotI didn t find this book relevant to my life in many ways there are a few Good Suggestions I think this book is based for the Upper Middle Class


    The Simple Living Guide Paperback by Janet Luhrs

    Doris Pearson

    Many excellent ideas here Now to implement them


    ife distracts easily and passes by without being noticed The Simple Living Guide is written as an antidote, one which both prompts people to think deeply about their lives how the ordinary can take on meaning and which provides resources for living an engaged life After an initial section on inner simplicity, separate sections concern personal finance, food, health and exercise, homes, travel, gardening, entertainment, and so on, with a special section near the end devoted to clearing out clutt [...]

    Erik Akre

    Life frustrates you on some level, possibly deeply than conscious knowing You frustrate yourself Your stuff and your money and your time are all enemies Something needs to change You pick up this book and get to the business of reading it.After two chapters you really begin to like Janet Luhrs, and if you persist, you settle in You read stories about people who have done much to overcome the frustrations you are feeling, or frustrations not unlike them Change becomes possible perhaps in any cas [...]


    The thing I liked most about this book was the idea of living deliberately having a clear plan of what you want out of life and not allowing other things to interfere I ve read other things recently with similar ideas and just attended a fireside with Sister Beck where she talked about the importance of living intentionally So, I m going to try to be deliberate and intentional in my life.


    Fantastic book I took it out of the lib and started reading it and I thought it was really enlightening I was half way through the book and going crazy b c I couldn t underline anything or write in the margins So I ordered a nice used copy on got it yesterday This book is great Packed with wisdom for RIGHT NOW, all easy to apply Even the chapters I thought wouldn t apply to me did I ll read the whole thing again, this time with a highlighter at hand.


    I really enjoyed this book and all the personal stories from people I greatly admired them for their frugal living I wanted to pack up everything and take my family to a simplier place until my husband told me I d last exactly three days without a store or movie theater and he s probably right But I did take away a lot of helpful information to try and strike balance in my life between simplicity and insanity.


    This book was pretty solid, although somewhat repetitive and simple As always, it was a bit lacking on the actionable content that I am looking for It did have some great resources listed in an annotated bibliography style that could serve as a useful reference In general, I think the book would serve well as a starting point if I am looking to embark on some changes in some area of my life, or trying to figure what to change.


    Luhrs brings together many of the strands of the modern voluntary simplicity movement, stressing that simplicity is as much about conscious decisions as it is about giving up things, if not so and that it is as much about gaining as it is about letting things go Each chapter has a list of further sources which are very interesting if you are interested in voluntary simplicity, or simply want to learn about a certain aspect covered in the book, such as housing, gardening or work.


    I d been looking at this on and wanted to check it out, and then I ran across it not even looking for it for 2 at Half Price Books I m jumping right in There s a lot of good information here, but a lot that is not really relevant to my life Have to wade through a lot to find the good bits and I am going to give up for now I ll come back to this though when I have patience.


    This book was the most well written book I have found about living simply All of her suggestions were very reasonably and didn t revolve around giving up everything to live in a small hut in the middle of nowhere This book was a real eye opener for me, and although I didn t necessarily learn anything new or profound, it inspired me to live simply and to be conscious about my decisions and lifestyle I great read for those who want to get out of life


    I enjoy referring to this book when I need a reminder about making time for what s really important Instead of hammering away with actionable items, the author uses stories about how others have simplified their lives in different ways Using stories rather than checklists, which can be stressful in their own right, makes for a longer book I particularly like the chapter on simplifying the holidays.


    I saw this book sitting on a shelf of books for sale at the library last week Since I was on my way out with two kids and a heavy bag of books, I didn t have time to look at it before deciding to buy it for only 75 cents I am only about 10 pages into the book but I have already found that each sentence speaks to me and reiterates the way that I want to live my life This is a book that EVERYONE should read

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