Jan 20, 2022
Born O'Hurley
Posted by Nora Roberts

↠ Born O'Hurley ↠ Nora Roberts ↠ Born O'Hurley ↠ Nora Roberts - Born O'Hurley, Born O Hurley New York Times USA Today bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the O Hurleys a dynasty of dazzling talent and sizzling passion The Last Honest WomanIf sex sells then so do lies especially when ↠ Born O'Hurley ↠ Nora Roberts - Born O'Hurley, Born O Hurley New York Times USA Today bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the O Hurleys a dynasty of dazzling talent and sizzling passion The Last Honest WomanIf sex sells then so do lies especially when

  • Title: Born O'Hurley
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373218769
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • ↠ Born O'Hurley ↠ Nora Roberts, Born O'Hurley, Nora Roberts, Born O Hurley New York Times USA Today bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the O Hurleys a dynasty of dazzling talent and sizzling passion The Last Honest WomanIf sex sells then so do lies especially when the truth is revealed And cynical journalist Dylan Crosby knew that the just a simple widow routine Abby O Hurley was giving him wasn t anything close to the truth Th New York Times US.

    ↠ Born O'Hurley ↠ Nora Roberts - Born O'Hurley, Born O Hurley New York Times USA Today bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the O Hurleys a dynasty of dazzling talent and sizzling passion The Last Honest WomanIf sex sells then so do lies especially when


    I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery Certainly not great works of literature however still 100% better than the grapes of wrath I th [...]


    This book contains two of the books in one of my favorite family series of Nora Roberts, the O Hurleys originally they were Silhouette Special Edition titles It was fun to read them again, and revisit this vibrant, entertaining, loving family It was also funny because they were written in the late 80s, so the descriptions of clothing and decor were pretty entertaining mismatched colors, baggy blazers, sweatbands the men were a little less self aware or sensitive than in her recent books, and lo [...]


    3.5 to 4.0 Stars I hate when I forget books I have read This was before I was addicted to my Kindle and Ipad Ipod I ve read alot of Nora s older work and just found a box of old paperbacks, so I can t do a review justice as it has been awhile since I read this book, but I will say the O Hurleys are a lively, entertaining a fun family I remember that these books are about small town life of two triplets Abby and Maddie and Chantel s story is next.

    Emna ELLEFI

    2eme Nora Roberts oui oui je m accroche parce qu une amie a moi l aime tellement et je tenais a trouver cette magie dont elle me parle tout le temps Celui l est meilleur que le pr c dent c est vrai , on y trouve une petite histoire d amour toujours banale et classique j ai un s rieux probl me avec ces histoires on peut anticiper ce qui se passe dans chaque RDV , le charme de ce livre r side plut t dans la ma trise du d cor , tant t campagnard , et hop on est a Broadway , les paillettes , les plu [...]


    I enjoy how she describes and shares her characters


    Enjoyable series


    Author Nora RobertsAnthology published 2010The Last Honest WomanFirst published 1988Length 207 pagesSetting Contemporary Rural Virginia.Sex Explicit.Hero Author.Heroine Middle triplet, mother of two, rancher.Cheating Abby s husband cheated many times during their marriage.Trigger view spoiler Marital rape hide spoiler Good use of child characters Some lack of grovel Overall enjoyable.3 starsDance to the PiperFirst published 1988Length 202 pagesSetting Contemporary New York and Philadelphia.Sex E [...]


    The Last Honest WomanAbby Rockwell, widow of famous race car driver Chuck Rockwell, has finally agreed to allow an authorized biography of Chuck Dylan Crosby is the writer He comes to interview Abby at her farm with some preconceived notions about the wife of a hard partying, womanizing rogue, but ends up being challenged on all counts Abby believes she s finally ready to talk about her marriage, but intends to keep some details to herself for the sake of her sons perception of their late father [...]

    Sabrina (Soter) Sally

    3 e 1 2 Prima che tu apparissi, il mio mondo si divideva in bianco e in nero Tu hai aggiunto i colori dell arcobaleno e io non voglio assolutamente perderli Devo dire che le serie puro romance della Roberts si somigliano un po tutte e rispetto ad altre che ho letto ad esempio i MacGregor questa non mi ha fatto impazzire La prima storia, dedicata ad Abby, gemella Hurley di mezzo, senza dubbio quella che mi piaciuta meno D In realt Abby non sembra nemmeno far parte della famiglia per quanto divers [...]


    With regards to Abby s story, the small town life and love was perfect for her Connecting with her character was easy ebcause she is such a strong, guarded woman and mother and she s been hurt so she doesn t want to open her heart up again and risk her sanity I think any woman reading her story can connect it to her in some way I loved her sons, Ben and Chris, and how Dylan easily loved them and took care of them, especially when Abby was sick and he let her rest At the end, the way Ben stands u [...]

    Kay Hart

    I enjoy reading Norah Roberts when want something that doesn t require huge amount of concentration They re usually fun and she creates characters that are enjoyable In this novel both stories contain men who have issues of trusting love, romance and women, though the first story lead male is off commitment due to a bad first encounter that led to an unworkable marriage The second story the lead male is also afraid of commitment, love is a word that sticks in his throat and remains unutterable T [...]


    The first two books in the O Hurley saga which follows two of the triplets who were born to the show business O Hurleys The Last Honest Woman tells the story of Abigail O Hurley Rockwell who has authorized a biography of her deceased race car driver husband Dylan Crosby got than he anticipated when he arrived at her farm He expected a socialite with a mink coat and instead got a girl in jeans, mucking out a horses stall in the barn.Dance to the Piper is about the next triplet, Maddy O Hurley wh [...]


    I liked the setting of the first story, a ranch in rural Virginia, and the family dynamics The introduction to the O Hurley family is entertaining and heartwarming and it sets the underlying feeling of love throughout both stories Abby is a good, strong woman, and I really liked her as a mother I wasn t as impressed with the love story, but it was a quick, easy read.In the second story, Dance to the Piper, Maddy is a spitfire of a woman and gets along just fine on her own, which is admirable and [...]


    My rating would be 4.5 out of 5 Just reread these stories for the second time This book is a reprint of The Last Honest Woman and Dance to the Piper both printed in 1988 While I remembered parts of the stories the overall texture and pacing of them was lost in my memory I really enjoyed this book and revisiting this entertaining entertainment family The characters aren t as strong as some of Nora Robert s other series, but they are very relateable and their struggles toward and away from love an [...]


    The Last Honest Woman I liked this book better than Dance to the Piper Mainly because I loved Abby s children, Chris is just the cutest thing.The thing with Nora Roberts is that she sometimes lets her characters fall in love too quickly and easily This can be quite annoying and unbelievable at times Character wise Abby was wonderful her loyalty to her children was admirable Dylan was annoying at times but overall he was a good character Ben and Chris are adorable Plot the romance was quite unbel [...]


    I loved Abby s and Dylan s story It was the perfect blend of romance, humor and darkness The plot was refreshing and definitely pulled me in What attracted me most to this novel was Abby s determination, her love for her sons and the way she not only survives what life has put her through but goes on to thrive finding love she s always wanted I loved Dylan as well Hard and cold at first, you might think his main goal is his byline however, there are these wonderful moments hidden within the firs [...]

    Brenda Margriet

    Two books in one Last Honest Woman and Dance to the Piper LHW is Abby s story she married a racecar driver but it wasn t a happy marriage She needs money so she authorizes a biography of him The writer, Dylan, comes fully expecting her to be a rich bitch, not the honest working woman with 2 sons that she is He s a bit over the top doesn t believe her for a long time, as if she d be mucking out stalls if she had a choice DttP also features a man with deep mistrust of women who can t see a good th [...]


    Deux jolies lectures, deux belles romances lire tranquillement install sous une couverture bien au chaud Les personnages f minins sont pour le moins r ussis et donnent un charme incontestable aux histoires Ces messieurs r sisteront difficilement ces demoiselles qui chacune leur mani re vont les conqu rir L ambiance propre chaque tome offre de la diversit et une distinction bienvenue permettant au lecteur de faire la part des choses Si vous aimez les romances, celle ci devrait agr ablement vous d [...]


    I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance This is one of those books that you will definitely have trouble putting down once you get started Would have rated 4.5 stars if it were possible The only thing this book lacked was an ending for Chanel She was the only sister who did not have a happy ending perhaps that will be in the next book You can t just have happy endings for two of the triplets in the same book need to have all three stories in the same book if you are going [...]


    Introduction to the O Hurleys had me from the beginning Two great stories and the same like able characters I have come to expect from Nora But I have to admit I don t care for the Harlequin romance books as much as her others I like a little romance weaved in with the great story lines, interesting characters and dialog These were great romance stories but I m so glad Nora also has books that don t concentrate primarily on the characters overwhelming attraction to each other, which becomes daun [...]


    O Hurleys 1 was abt Abby the middle triplet.Was a little sad with the abuse and the family life she had Ending was predictable but a happy one Didnt like it that Chantel spilled her secrets to Dylan before Abby had the chance to tell him.O Hurley 2 is about Maddy the youngest triplet Reed s character was a little hard but soon softened up to Maddy Can t wait to read abt Chantel soon

    Harlequin Boeken

    Zoals alle fans van Nora Roberts en dat zijn er veel, ook hier op de redactie van Harlequin ben ik vooral dol op de families die ze zo moeiteloos tot leven lijkt te wekken Haar O Hurleys hebben een speciale aantrekkingskracht doordat hun verhalen zich voor een groot deel in de wereld van film en theater afspelen, een wereld waarin Nora zich duidelijk thuisvoelt En daarmee zijn ze onweerstaanbaar Probeer het zelf maar Karin Boodt, Harlequin


    This was my very first Nora Roberts novel I have to say that I had high expectations for this novel and it did not deliver I thought the whole thing was cheesy It was so cheesy that my brain could not comprehend how cheesy it was In my head, I pictured the characters as string cheese Overall, it was just unbelievable It was entertaining though, but probably not in the way the author intended I might try of Ms Roberts novels, but I won t go out of my way to find it.


    For this I am only reviewing Dance with the Piper , O Hurley 2 I have reviewed The last honest woman under that book title.I didn t enjoy this story as much Some of it could be I didn t relate to Maddy so really didn t like her being so pushy The fun part is meeting the rest of the family except Trace again, and they are a fun group Maddy is energetic and bubbly but for me she just didn t fit with Reed Different is good but they are worlds apart.


    Wow This book was such predictable romance, it made me squirm My sister in law and I bought these bad books over Christmas just for fun Instead, I lost brain cells as I read this stupid, sappy junk People really like this I gave up on the second book, couldn t take it any Note This was my flu read My excuse for picking it up.


    If I could It d give this book 3 1 2 stars I d give 4 stars to Abby s story Last honest woman which I really enjoyed and 3 stars to Maddy s Dance to the piper since it was not as successful for me Good nevertheless but I thought it was a bit turned on clich s than Abby story.I ll still O Hurley s return


    This author was an automatic read for me for a long time now, however, I only buy read her books that grab me from the blurb Totally predictable, but in a comfortable kind of way I also prefer her full length stand alone novels This volume contains 2 previously released Silhouette novels and is part of a four book series.


    A nice, entertaining set of stories in a set of 4 IIRC involving the O Hurley family of talented performers For me, these stories fall in the mid range of Nora Roberts quality scale They re a bit dated and aren t suspense stories or anything, but they re decent romances with overall likeable characters They don t quite make my list of keepers.

    Erin Davidson

    Simple plot that follows Robert s formula for success two independent but successful people meet and fall in love while overcoming individual fear of commitment, then live happily ever after Maddy is an interesting character but the others seem less developed Seems like this series was written in a hurry to meet a deadline.

    Teresa H Reads

    My mom asked me to read these two books also O Hurley s Return because she loved the stories and characters so much Although I am not too much for romance novels, I did enjoy the O Hurley family and the things that happened to each of the sisters and their brother Plus, it made my mom happy that I read them and we ve enjoyed talking about these books together.

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