Jan 20, 2022
O'Hurley's Return
Posted by Nora Roberts

[PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts [PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts - O'Hurley's Return, O Hurley s Return Two of the New York Times bestselling author s novels about the Irish American O Hurley family of performers are bound together into this one volume Includes Skin Deep and Without a Trace [PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts - O'Hurley's Return, O Hurley s Return Two of the New York Times bestselling author s novels about the Irish American O Hurley family of performers are bound together into this one volume Includes Skin Deep and Without a Trace

  • Title: O'Hurley's Return
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373285075
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • [PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts, O'Hurley's Return, Nora Roberts, O Hurley s Return Two of the New York Times bestselling author s novels about the Irish American O Hurley family of performers are bound together into this one volume Includes Skin Deep and Without a Trace.

    [PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts - O'Hurley's Return, O Hurley s Return Two of the New York Times bestselling author s novels about the Irish American O Hurley family of performers are bound together into this one volume Includes Skin Deep and Without a Trace


    For the most part it was pretty good I enjoyed Skin Deep better than Without a Trace I will never understand what is supposed to be so exciting about a man handling another woman like she is a piece of meat, just because she frustrates him I would think that as a woman author that Roberts would be aware of the abusive tendencies of her male characters Her heroines are rarely that They tend to bend to the hero s will every time it suits the situation Too often women authors fall to the prescribe [...]

    Tami Winbush

    I ve not yet decided if I care for this series because it is so very predictable And the POV was changed several times in in one chapter, sometimes even in the next paragraph I did enjoy the premise of the book.

    Vicki Melendez

    Loved it love all her books


    The writing wasn t bad and the mystery was alright, but the romance was terrible Quinn and Chantel have an abusive relationship that is glorified throughout the book This is not love or romance I realize that many people like this type of romance, but I find it sad It s just not for me.

    Jane J. Janas, Ph.D.

    This mindless romance was fun to zip through

    Sabrina (Soter) Sally

    Salute Maddy tocc con il suo bicchiere quello di Chantel e poi quello di Abby A noi Finch potremo contare l una sull altra non saremo mai sole Siamo arrivati alla storia della gemella maggiore, Chantel, la mia preferita tra tutte Chantel l Hurley che ha avuto pi successo, diventata un attrice famosa a costo di mille sacrifici e molto impegno E una donna forte e coraggiosa, che in passato ha sofferto ma ora vittima di uno stalker ed si sente comprensibilmente fragile e spaventata ha bisogno di un [...]


    Chantal s icy demeanor blended perfectly with Quinn s feiry temper Chantal s back story was also heartbreaking and you can tell that Chantal really wants a future and a family with Quinn The aspect of the stalker was different and a tad frightening, but it worked for Chantal and Quinn The family visits are always fun and adorable and the stalker aspect added a danger to that I loved Quinn s protective nature and when Chantal meets him at the gym while he s blowing off some steam is amusing This [...]


    I have read Nora Roberts since I read her first novels with Harlequin Romance I should say that I read them in middle school, and they belonged to my mother who had received them nearly a decade prior.I have to say, Chantel s storyline was pretty good not Roberts best story, but not her worst No, that was reserved for the second story contained in the set I really wasn t impressed by much of it I don t mind the Mary Sue of it all in fact, I love it, since most of the time redheads get relegated [...]

    Alexandra Robertson

    I was always a huge fan of Nora Roberts growing up, all through junior high and high school I devoured anything she wrote but as I get older I have been disappointed with her writing and have been second guessing my love for her other books They all seem to involve a stubborn girl who meets a sexist jerk and they randomly fall in love With a lot of scenes that are supposed to be romantic but really just work out to be sexual assault in the long run In O Hurley s Return the male leads are sexist [...]


    Ce second tome m aura moins plu, des choix sc naristiques ainsi que des comportements parfois semblables auront terni un peu mon plaisir de lecture a reste une s rie tr s sympathique, je me suis facilement attach e aux personnages et leur histoire qui change de tomes en tomes Les chapitres qui permettent d appr cier des retrouvailles familiales apportent la touche en plus qu il faut pour rendre ces romances meilleures, c tait chaque fois de grands moments Je garderai pour ma part les bons moment [...]


    This is a two story book, Skin Deep and Without A Trace In Skin Deep , a stalker was getting closer to harming Chantel while Quinn was trying to protect her A strong independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind faced against an arrogant confident man who wanted nobody to tell him how to do his job I liked the toe to toe disagreements between Chantel and Quinn Without A Trace was about Trace, an undercover intelligence man who encountered Gillian, a physicist in danger and trying to resc [...]


    Another fun read from Nora Roberts.Skin DeepChantel and Quinn make for a fiery couple The bantering and sexual tension is good in this one and Chantel and Quinn are a good match for each other.Without A TraceThis one has a bit of espionage Trace is wrangled into helping Gillian rescue her brother and niece from an international crime organization She falls in love with him of course and he resists of course but in the end he admits his feelings for her I liked that Gillian was strong and smart a [...]


    This book is a compilation of books 3 and 4 in the O Hurley series Book 3 is Skin Deep and Chantel O Hurley, famous Hollywood actress, is being pursued by a mentally ill stalker Enter Quinn Doran, private eye, who comes to her rescue to find the stalker Romance and mystery abound In book 4, Without a Trace world traveler and espionage agent Trace O Hurley undertakes another secret mission to recover a kidnapped scientist and his daughter The scientist s sister, Gillian Fitzpatrick, becomes a tho [...]


    Skin deep I liked both of these characters Quinn was a little gruff and chauvinistic but he changed as the story developed As much as he gave Chantel a hard time she gave him a hard time back She was a strong female character who refused to take his crap They were both very head strong characters, and suited each other.Without at Trace I m not quite as sure what to make of this story I don t usually like stories where women throw themselves at handsome men who don t give anything back But Trace [...]


    This is really two books in one.Skin Deep Movie star Chantel is being stalked and she hires bodyguard Quinn Doran ex ISS agent to protect her and find the stalker They immediately clash but as time goes on are drawn to each other and it becomes a matter of life and death for Quinn to save Chantel.Without a Trace Trace O Hurley left his performing family and ended up becoming a ISS Agent After many years he is now disillusioned and wants nothing to rest after being shot when Gillian Fitzpatrick [...]

    M.A. Levi

    This was a two part book, meaning there are two stories in one Each story was different but connected by family ties and old connections With that being said the stories were very intriguing and unforgettable The sets of characters for each story were funny, charming, ruthless, crazy, sexy and well written appropriate to their individual backgrounds Personally, I loved this book and find Nora Roberts never lacking in the way she writes her stories and characters that are full of excitement and r [...]


    It still amazes me how Ms Roberts deftly changes from the point of view of one character to another, sometimes in the space of only a few paragraphs, without losing the reader There is one scene in Without a Traces where she moved back and forth between almost 10 people within a few pages and it just works so well.I felt that these two stories were a romantic suspense type than the first two in the series It worked well, I think, especially as Abby and Maddy in the first two books were a pair a [...]

    Christine Jones

    The O Hurleys 3 was fantastic, gripping, and held me all the way to the end 4 was less so I did enjoy the book but I felt less gripped and less interested in the story The plot of 3 was well formed and I had no trouble seeing what was going to happen 4 felt less so So, between the gripping read that held me to the end with 3 and the jaunt around mexico and other lands in 4, I enjoyed the book but didn t love it completely It is important to note that I did NOT read the earlier book in the series [...]


    Contains two of her family novels Skin Deep and Without a Trace The first is about a movie star being stalked and the private security guy hired to protect her An irritating subplot, in which a character who is dating a teacher cannot believe he has fallen in love with someone who ties shoes all day Really The second is about the brother of the movie star, an intelligence agent, and the woman who hires him to rescue her kidnapped brother Light and frothy, with the usual I love him her, but don t [...]


    I am currently listening to this one the last one They are still chain smokin believe it or not on a flight from Cancun to Dallas wow long way.OK this is the O Hurley s brother story so you can guess it a real macho guy not naive like his 3 sisters.The plot is with a red hair Irish physicist, who if you would not know could be a high school drop out with an intellect of about 0.08 which is what limit drunk ha ha maybe this kind of novel is just not for me but heh I am laughing quite a bit


    Nora Roberts is exactly what I want to read on vacation nothing I have to think too long and hard about I will say that some of the male female exchanges drive me CRAZY I kind of hate how the men often will push the kissing when the woman says no because she really wants it, yuck Also you can tell the story was originally published late 80s or early 90s what with the casual smoking But if you can get past that then it s a light, enjoyable read.


    Sometimes a gal just needs a good old fashioned romance story In this book,two books, actually, Nora Roberts entertains yet again with two love stories of the O Hurley clan The last two of Frank and Molly s children, daughter Chantal and son Trace, find their life long partners Yep, a couple of good old fashioned love stories full of passion, mystery,intrigue, stong women, even stronger men, plot twists and turns and a surprise at the end that pulls the two stories together.

    Harlequin Boeken

    Zoals alle fans van Nora Roberts en dat zijn er veel, ook hier op de redactie van Harlequin ben ik vooral dol op de families die ze zo moeiteloos tot leven lijkt te wekken Haar O Hurleys hebben een speciale aantrekkingskracht doordat hun verhalen zich voor een groot deel in de wereld van film en theater afspelen, een wereld waarin Nora zich duidelijk thuisvoelt En daarmee zijn ze onweerstaanbaar Probeer het zelf maar Karin Boodt, Harlequin


    O Hurleys 3 the older sister, Chantel Quinn is a littl stiff but soften at the end Chantel is a little stubborn but she is alright DO Hurleys 4 the danger plot was a little unrealistic, a little too easy in a risky situation but somehow I ehnjoyed reading about Trace warming up to Gillian The ending was great with the reunion of the entire family happy and alive Cool that Quinn used to work with Trace Like that the author somehow linked their lives together


    Love Chantel s story better then Trace s but it s nice to read them both back to back Predictable of course, both story lines but I still love reading them Nothing can make me happier then a week of reading old school Nora Roberts Especially if it s the O Hurley family who I love almost as much as the Stanislaski s and the McGregor s clans though I think for me the McGregor s still win out since they were the first family series of NR I ever read.


    This book contains two stories novellas about members of the same family I kind of enjoyed the first story Skin Deep , but was disappointed when the second story Without a Trace followed the same formula Both stories have a girl in trouble and an ex military law enforcement hero type that saves the day.


    An interesting end to the serie I really enjoyed the O Hurleys All four books are really well written since I m leaving feeling part of the family A side note, I would have liked if one of the O Hurleys would have fallen in love just because they wanted to and not by some strange act of GodNevertheless, an very enjoyable series


    I found myself so bored and half way through, I was getting sick of the O Hurley family While Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors, this group of books didn t have the same crackle and pop that comes with the her other series of families.

    Carin Koch

    I loved the third and fourth as well of this series, but the fourth was my favourite since the lead this time was the older brother and all his adventures as a spy in exotic places, definitely another must read


    The O Hurley series is quite entertaining It has just enough twists to the stories and bite to the humor added to the romance Definitely keeping for my re read pile I do many of Roberts s romances My feel good reading

    • [PDF] O'Hurley's Return | by º Nora Roberts
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    O'Hurley's Return