Jan 20, 2022
This Time of Darkness
Posted by Helen Mary Hoover

[PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover [PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover - This Time of Darkness, This Time of Darkness Eleven year old Amy lives in a decaying underground city Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel a strange boy [PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover - This Time of Darkness, This Time of Darkness Eleven year old Amy lives in a decaying underground city Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel a strange boy

  • Title: This Time of Darkness
  • Author: Helen Mary Hoover
  • ISBN: 9780765345677
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover, This Time of Darkness, Helen Mary Hoover, This Time of Darkness Eleven year old Amy lives in a decaying underground city Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel a strange boy who claims to have come from a mythical place called Outside.

    [PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover - This Time of Darkness, This Time of Darkness Eleven year old Amy lives in a decaying underground city Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel a strange boy


    This book introduced me to arcologies and dystopias back when I was too young to have heard either word, and long, long before dystopias became a Thing in YA fiction It changed my internal landscape forever.The story is good about 3.5 stars worth on plot alone and it holds up to the test of time But the world Splendid Using characters own observations and vivid memories, Hoover paints a picture of a cramped, stifling, stinking city where children are taught by computer in classrooms that hold a [...]

    Stacy Fischer

    I loved this book enough in grade school to write to the authord she wrote back And sent me a small teddy bear to boot I can t express how excited my inner child still is


    This book launched my love of all things dystopian I feel like I owe a lot of my geekery to Helen Mary Hoover I even took the time to track this one down with my grade school librarian years later so I could own it.The plot is a familiar one, about some kids who live in a regimented, caste based society I remember that what really got me was that they weren t allowed to read books It was like a nightmare to me.Thanks, Ms Hoover, you totally helped me on my path to book nerddom.

    Stylo Fantome

    This is one of my all time favorite books I probably read it at least once a year.This is set in the future, where EVERYONE lives in the City The City is old is something that is said often.I loved it cause it was dirty and gritty, and people were weird and creepy It was like Logan s Run and The Giver had a dirty, realistic baby Pseudo Utopia isn t always so sparkling clean Sometimes it s covered in filth and roaches I mean, what else would you expect if you took all of civilization and shoved [...]


    I was poking around old children s literature for my niece a couple of months ago when I remembered this book I must have read it sometime in elementary, and it made a strong impression on me I googled something like underground city children s book and boom there it was Out of print, so I ordered an old library hardcover copy off of.This Time Of Darkness is about a young girl named Amy who lives in an enormous city of the far future, who has never seen the outside world She has learned about it [...]


    Some books stay with you in your mind, even years later Some books even help shape who you are When I was about 10 or 11 I read This Time of Darkness by HM Hoover After the Hunger Games the plotline sounds clich , a dystopian setting after the fall of civilisation, a young girl defying the system of course it was published in 1980 so it beat the Hunger Games to it just a little.I just re read the book, I was all prepared to enjoy it purely as nostalgia but by Jove I m refusing to use OMG it was [...]


    Let me give you some background on this book Back when i was in 5th grade my teacher, Mrs Kofford read this book to us after lunch each day I remember loving it, I remember laying my head on my desk, closing my eyes and just loosing myself in the story She never read long enough for me Anyway, I actually ran into her this summer and asked her what book that was She didn t remember the title off the top of her head, but she was kind enough to call me once she got to school I have re read this adv [...]

    Diana Welsch

    I frequent sites and groups where people ask for help in identifying forgotten book titles from pieces of plots they remember When someone s memory is A kid lives in an underground world and escapes to the surface for the first time, there are a few things it could be Journey Outside by Mary Q Steele comes up a lot Zilpha Keatley Snyder s And All Between also fits And then there s This Time of Darkness The cover is kinda cheesy, but the story is a very surprisingly mature, dark, and complex vari [...]

    Lee Anne

    One of my all time favorite books This book might be the first dystopian fantasy I ever read and set the standard for all books of that genre that I ve read since I have re read it and found it to still be captivating I ve read several books that use the same general theme, but none of them have been better than this one Because it was the first Because it really is better I don t know but it is a great story

    Alexandra Moss

    LOVED this in elementary school Been trying to figure out what the title was for ages and finally found it


    I do like H M Hoover s books, and when a friend had this one to show off, I asked if I could borrow it It s a good story if a bit depressing one the state of human nature, though probably distrubingly accurately so I do wish we d learned a bit about Michael s family set up and how, historically, we ended up with two such societies, both relatively technologically strong but ignorant of each other.

    Melissa Faith

    This was probably the first dystopic fiction I ever read, when I was about 8 I gave it 5 stars because it changed my life forever, but upon reread some parts were rough and if it was my first read, I d not be as pleased though the story world are captivating I lost this book for 20 some odd years, but the whatwasthatbook livejournal community scrounged up the title for me last month 3 Hilarious note the last paragraph starts out like Amy woke up from her daydream Well at the beginning of the boo [...]


    Maybe I m biased because this book made an indelible impression on me in in middle school, but I just recently reread it, and in terms of writing and atmosphere it is what _The Sky Inside_ could have been, and isn t, quite.

    Erika Worley

    This is a pretty simple read and in some ways not particularly visionary, but I have read it at least 3 times The two main characters provide a good perspective on a future world completely devoid of joy, creativity, etc If you enjoy post apocolyptic style stories, this is a good one.

    Casi Leahy

    The original City of Ember I still think about this story.


    My favourite book ever.

    Matt Maker

    Like almost all the other reviewers, I read this one as a kid and it stuck with me in my memory, but took ages to find again, especially since the same themes appear in several other, unrelated sci fi novels But this is the one I remember somewhat viscerally.


    I read this book Forgot to note it This was a kids book for kids Lots of things are later found in wool but it is not fleshed out well here.

    Stephen T Shores

    This was probably my first exposure to dystopian science fiction I re read this book several times as a pre teen and enjoyed it every time.


    In the future, the people of earth have moved into underground cities and domes and conditions in the lower levels are pretty abysmal people are dirty, there are roaches and rats everywhere, and everyone is under observation by the authorities Amy is an 11 year old living on level 9, and although she s smart, she s not encouraged to use her mind in fact, she s been targeted as a trouble maker She meets a boy in her class named Axel who acts crazy all the time, and he tells her that he s not from [...]


    Another fun little read It s the story of a girl who has lived in a filthy, dark, underground city all her life and longs to see the fabled outside With the help of a kid who was originally from the outside, they attempt to escape the only world she s ever known Fairly common theme in sci fi, but it was well done and had me flipping the pages as fast as I could to find out how it ended it s short enough that I could read it in one sitting 161 pages The first half of the book was exactly like the [...]


    How I came across this book was actually by my teacher Mr Smith at the very beginning of the year, I didnt have one to read during SSR Student Silent Reading I started reading the book with very little interest because I don t read fictional books As I read through the book page by page, I m getting drowned in with suspence wondering about what was going to happen next In about the middle of the book, I thought about what if our world was just like theirs in the book a whole totally different wo [...]

    Romancefantasy Ebookmaven

    This is my favorite childhood book I loved this book so much I read it quite often I always get transported away to a world where kids can outsmart the adults and make their own way in a world that doesn t make sense to them This is a grand adventure set in a science fiction setting that has themes I m not sure the very young will understand but if you re into science fiction and fantasy then you may enjoy it Little Amy and Axel form a wonderful alliance in which they are both in search of somet [...]

    Sarah-Jayne Briggs

    This review may contain spoilers.I read this book when I was quite young As I recall, I originally got it off a website called SwapitShop I just re read it and found it as good as I remember.Although the writing is quite simplistic, since it is a children s book, I thought that the main characters were well developed There were some surprises, but Amy s compassion did seem to make sense The author did a good job of showing how different their upbringing was how each of them was ignorant about so [...]

    Peggy Bechko

    Young adult novel highly recommended to me hope I like it starts out very well.And continued from there The Author did a great job with action scenes and the story overall It was a fairly short book, a quick, excellent read involving 11 year old Amy who lives in a decaying underground city She s ignored and unwanted by her mother and constant under surveillance by the authorities because she can read When she meets and befriends Axel, a boy who claims to have come from outside the adventure begi [...]

    Mike Henry

    Not a bad book Sometimes you want a book you don t need to think about, but also has a story to keep you hooked I found this book in a free box Key points its set in the near future, the protagonist lives in an under ground city and day dreams about going outside, a boy claims to be from the outside you get the picture Simple enough plot From page 120 She didn t want to talk about it There was no reason for Axel to care, and somehow, when you told something that mattered very much to you to peop [...]

    Emily Crow

    I used to love this author when I was in junior high, and this book was one of my favorites In the future, people live underground, in a mechanized, consumer driven world Propaganda piped in to the protagonists mother Things never disappoint Only people disappoint The main character decides to flee, joining forces with an abused boy Will they find the Outside If so, will it be worth the journey Looking back, I see that there was nothing really original in this plot, but the story and characters [...]


    I bought this book from a book sale at our local library as I was a fan of H M Hoover s works Since then, it has been read and re read The themes in this book, like so many of her s, appeal to old and young alike The escape of Axel and Amy to a life beyond the city is fast paced and cannot be put down As each revelation unfolds, I found myself hooked It is a shame that such a wonderful, beautiful book is no longer in print I highly recommend this story


    This was a very quick read, though parts were so depressing I would take brief breaks from it However, I figure a book is at least 4 stars if I read it in a day, even if it is only 161 pages.Passages that stand out in my mind I ve been scared all my life I m used to it If I acted scared I d never get anything else done And it wouldn t change anything Would it Amy 11James, age 29, talking about how the teddy bear given him kept bad dreams away.


    Amy has lived all her life in the city and knows how to read All she knows is the city but, she wonders could there be someting else Then she meets a strange boy named Axel who says he comes from outside This fires Amy to find out what is outside.The story has a fast pace that makes it exciting to read It is though sometimes hard to picture the world of Amy because it is so strange The ending though is a great payoff.

    • [PDF] This Time of Darkness | by ✓ Helen Mary Hoover
      496Helen Mary Hoover
    This Time of Darkness