Jan 27, 2022
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Hick Best Read || [Andrea Portes] Hick Best Read || [Andrea Portes] - Hick, Hick Foreseeing a hopeless future in barrooms and parking lots cagey year old Luli McMullen bolts headlong from the heartland aiming at Las Vegas where she expects to find herself a sugar daddy Almost Hick Best Read || [Andrea Portes] - Hick, Hick Foreseeing a hopeless future in barrooms and parking lots cagey year old Luli McMullen bolts headlong from the heartland aiming at Las Vegas where she expects to find herself a sugar daddy Almost

  • Title: Hick
  • Author: Andrea Portes
  • ISBN: 9781932961324
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hick Best Read || [Andrea Portes], Hick, Andrea Portes, Hick Foreseeing a hopeless future in barrooms and parking lots cagey year old Luli McMullen bolts headlong from the heartland aiming at Las Vegas where she expects to find herself a sugar daddy Almost immediately crooked bodied Eddie Kreezer a roving obsessive with a violent streak and a fading but lovely grifter named Glenda begin to do battle for Luli s head and hearForeseeing a hopeless.

    Hick Best Read || [Andrea Portes] - Hick, Hick Foreseeing a hopeless future in barrooms and parking lots cagey year old Luli McMullen bolts headlong from the heartland aiming at Las Vegas where she expects to find herself a sugar daddy Almost

    Paul Bryant

    Did you ever see Freeway No Oh, you got to see Freeway Reese Witherspoon gives her all time best performance as Vanessa Lutz, teenage daughter of a couple of rural junkies, just another in a long line of wild American girls who go looking for trouble and find it real quick Here s a flavour of the Vanessa Lutz experience That was 1996 More recently we have encountered 16 year old Lili Hobart, played by the weird, horribly compelling Juno Temple, in Little Birds And way before that, in 1973, we ha [...]

    Tony DuShane

    Best literary release of 2007, hands down No, hands up, raise your hands to the sky and praise tha lah ord for scratching my literary itch.Portes nails the pubescent voice of a girl named Luli who decides to leave her horrid, abusive existence in Nebraska for the road, a road leading to Las Vegas Luli discovers she has something that men want with her maturing body and feels that is going to give her the life she needs.Along the way she gets protection from a shady motherly type named Glenda.Dar [...]


    I didn t think I would find anything in this book I could relate to Strange, because I ended up reading the thing in about four hours This thing just grabbed me and wouldn t really let me go, so, I must have in common with a 13 year old girl than I thought Perhaps, I must be in touch with my feminine side , althought the protagonist is like a Tomboy, really She s kind of a Tomboy trapped in a hot little teens body It s an interesting combination I thought it was really funny, as well, quick wi [...]


    Portes clever use of language makes you want to pack your macbook in its case, set it gently in a dumpster, and quit writing From page one to the end she keeps the powerful imagery flowing slow and cataclysmic like a tsunami slurping out your town through the streets and she saves plenty for last Without a wasted chapter though some paragraphs can seem redundant it is one of the best slices of 80s trailer Americana you ll read No matter what your upbringing you ll recognize a trustworthy limp in [...]


    This book is brilliant and beautiful but made me feel like a bit of a pervert I couldn t stop getting slightly turned on reading some of the sexual parts and then hating myself for feeling that way I was impressed with the voice, especially The entire book is written in first person dialect, similar to TRAINSPOTTING, and so it really just takes you through the world in the mind of the character I will extremely interested to see what kind of trouble this author might get into with this book, con [...]


    I think this book is an incredible read I can t believe it s a first novel The voice is just amazing and the protagonist, Luli, takes the reader on such a wild, scary, sexy, beautiful ride that it s almost impossible to put the book down I will be watching this author and waiting impatiently for her next novel One thing though this is not a book for the faint of heart There is some sexually explicit stuff that probably shouldn t be read by anyone too prude.

    Tracy Fleming-Swehla

    I don t know what to think of this book It feels so mean.A 13 year old girl left alone emotionally and physically, treated so neglectfully that she feels unworthy, unloved, lonely, empty She loves her daddyhe s a drunk turd who only has eyes for her empty shell of a mother No one loves this girl So she leaves She goes from the frying pan into the fire and hopefully finally to land on a plate is a plate better I liked so much of the writing until Eddie attacks her Things went sour for me there Th [...]

    Susan Callaway

    What saved this book from being a one star 1 the blue dress and all that it symbolized2 Luli playing Categories with Clement and all that it symbolizedThis wasn t a terrible book, but there were some things that just irritated me I think the problem is that the author wanted to tell the story from Luli s point of view, but she also wanted to show off her language skills with some descriptive writing that didn t fit the narrative voice Luli is supposed to be thirteen with limited education, but s [...]


    This book is currently being challenged by a patron at the library where I work so, of course, I had to read it I believe the patron is just concerned about the language in the book and, after reading it, I m pretty sure she never read the entire thing.Yes, it s a difficult story to read, but the language is not out of place nor, in my humble opinion, excessive I was SO drawn into the plight of Luli that I didn t really notice excessive bad language but was caught up instead with the extremely c [...]

    Christopher Chartrand

    I absolutely loved this book I highly recommend it It has one of the best first lines and one of the best first chapters I ve read in a very long time Contrary to other reviews, I found the narrator s voice to be authentic in light of her upbringing Let s be honest, you spend your formative years in a bar and you ll know how to swear and be cynical I really can t say enough good things about this book It s funny, disturbing, uplifting in a morbid sort of way and one hell of a ride It s one I ll [...]


    Before I sat down to write my review, I read all the reviews on and I see I m going to be in the minority here with my lesser opinion of this book This is described this as a coming of age story I scratch my head a little at that because Luli never had an opportunity to come of age She went from the crib to adulthood Every adult in her life has abused her in one way or another.I read dysfunctional fiction all the time and have no problem dealing with that type of subject matter There was just no [...]


    Wow This is a book that takes a bit to fully digest Andrea Portes really knows her shit for this being a debut novel I found out about this because it is being made into a movie, and the story line sounding like my kinda thing Young girl coming of age in the south, I dunno why, but I am a sucker for coming of age novels Even so when they take place in the south Not sure why, I ve never been to the south, but what can you do This is a gritty novel in a way The things that 13 year old Luli it was [...]


    Rating 3.5Upon seeing the film first, I decided to take a shot at this because I like to see the changes they make The script for the movie was not the greatest the acting on the other hand was superb and after finding that the author had also written the screen play, I didn t expect much My assumptions were right.It was a decent book, a quick read, and overall, I probably could have gone through life without picking it up It s one of the few cases where I prefer the movie Maybe it was because o [...]


    I just found this book extremely disturbing The MC Louliee was 13 years old, and the things she was concerned about or exposed to probably hardened her, but wow, just wow The mom in me just wanted to take her in, and give her hope and love I was just so disturbed by all the sex and drugs, I could except her language, but the other stuff, wow I think if she was 16 or maybe even 15 I could ve taken this a little better, but being so young, and so well I m innocent, it just really got to me The aut [...]

    Lotte Snelting

    I very much enjoyed this book The movie brought me to the book and Chloe G.M brought me to the movie and I really ejoyed the movie,so I wanted to read the book I ve seen the movie a couple of years back so I didn t remember the details.I very much appreciated the authenticity of the main character Luli,she and the book was absolutely not predictable.I love the Southern style and language The weird touch to it is really what makes this book so great and what sets itself apart.Hats off to Andrea P [...]

    Mira Crisp

    This crystalline yet greasy story will pull you in fast and push you to outer limits or throw you straight into the sun as unforgettable Luli would say I laughed and I cried and I felt a little like an American girl inside I wanted to add, that as a crazy, mixed up immigrant, that s a tough thing to doke me feel American I m not sure whether it s a good or a bad thing to be, but this book resonated on many levelsd what it might mean to be American was in there along with being a girl, being pre [...]


    Oh my goodness, this book was horrifying There s no doubt that the writer has a sharp wit, but the main character and the situations she in went from bad to worse throughout the book Worse to the point that I was horrified and I read dysfunctional fiction all the time I almost felt a little nauseous at how cynical this 13 year old was even at the beginning of the book and then even nauseous as bad things kept happening to her The poor girl was just a throwaway I found it so disturbing that I re [...]


    This was an excellent novel It s hysterically funny, even though it reminds me, kind of, of Bastard out of Carolina and Ellen Foster it has that sort of naive, yet smart, child narrative The BEST line, if this gives you an idea of what this book is like And maybe I am just a two bit hick from the heartland but I do know one thing, my mama did not raise me to be skankin it in skanksville with the skanks.


    Gripping, sexual, saddening all tangled together to create Hick This book was hard to read in the beginning as I tried to grasp the voice of the author But once I had it down, I couldn t put it down I read it straight through the night irritating my fiance because of my night light I could relate to Lula and her family history It s a great story, and you know the author does a beautiful job at weaving it together if you sit there feeling the emotions portrayed in the story.


    I started this book with high hopes that it would get better Read the 245 pages in a day I kept hoping it would get better, 1 2 way through, I couldn t not know how it ended I kept hoping it would redeem itself, it didn t I finished it thinking it was a colossal waste of time Wouldn t pick anything of her s up again Thankfully, Timberland Regional Library owns itd I didn t have to pay to be disappointed


    And on and on till the moon gives way and the sun kills itself and the stars fall from the sky I guess I ll see you then Loved this, made my heart swell and my eyes leak.


    Woah Alright This is dark I d read this and planned on watching the movie after, mostly because I am that pretentious bitch, but after knowing what happens, I don t think I want to watch I have this guilty pleasure interest in this type of book, a young girl s violent sexual awakening or as I call it one of those Lolita in Rage kind of numbers But this was just oh my god Nothing is consensual in this book Nothing Which is kind of stupid to say, seeing as she s thirteen and nothing would have bee [...]


    I haven t read a book this good in a long time I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once.Hick is written in the first person, which puts you straight into the characters shoes Luli is a very strong character, often making you forget that she is still only a child Luli grew up in a abusive home environment, this makes her want to escape and get out of life However, her escape just leads her into trouble and abuse While on the road Luli meets Eddie, Eddie offers Luli a lift but [...]


    I would have loved this book if it wasn t written the way it was At times it seems as if the narrator, Luli, isn t 13 years old at all, yet the whole story has a kind of gloss over it, like how a 13 year old would explain something to you Like explain something with not too much depth, I think that s the word I think if some of the things happened to Luli at a later age, she wouldn t be so resilient Kind of like the ignorance is bliss mentality I did have issues with the writing where it took me [...]


    Hmmm Bit of a downer, and wholly disturbing Read it like I was watching a car accident and sometimes struggling to look away and then seeing, oh, its almost over so I have to see how this turns out Alerted to this by the very poorly received film version, and read partly out of spite, thinking anything arrogant film critics don t like i ll just have to give a look I ll see the movie for that reason as well Alternately entertained, bored and disturbed Entertained by the rapid fire monologue runni [...]


    I adored Anatomy of a Misfit, so I was super psyched to see that my library owned this book by the same author Only available in ePub, but whatever I downloaded it and started devouring it right away.Unfortunately, this book is absolutely packed with misery There s about five happy minutes on the whole thing the rest of it is one absolutely horrible thing happening after another, just piling up and getting worse and worse There is a tiny grain of hope in the ending, but nowhere near enough to ou [...]


    This book has sequel written all over it Admittedly, about halfway thru, I thought really I could go watch some episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter if I wanted to know about this kind of world Luli s life seemed so depressing to me, even though clearly she s a survivor Then, just when it got even depressing, I started really getting into it And it s a very fast read so from that point it only took me an hour or so to finish A strength of Portes writing is the way she incorporates both hard hittin [...]


    Perhaps it was unfortunate that I read this book on the same day I saw the movie, Precious Two sad stories of dysfunctional families and young women forced to grow up too soon combined to make me feel slightly gritty and depressed This thirteen year old girl s story reads like it was written for Hollywood, so we may yet see it as a film Despite the horrendous situations Luli undergoes, there is some beautiful writing When she finally meets a decent, trustworthy person finally Luli muses I look u [...]


    The basis for the film Hick, this novel offers the grittier and harsher side of Luli s experiences traveling west I watched the film first, and I enjoyed both mediums equally, although being able to admire Eddie Redmayne probably contributed to my slight bias toward the film.The overall plot is the same, only the film omits some disturbing aspects of characters For example, Clement s strained relationship with his stepmother is revealed in the novel, while the film provides little background on [...]


    What started out as an outrageous and somewhat funny story of a 13 year old runaway turned very sour for me about 3 4 way through and never redeemed itself With than a hint of noir, the author takes the reader through several days in the life of Luli, a rightfully unhappy child, the daughter of two alcoholics with a broken marriage and no sense of family or place Luli decides she wants to go to Vegas and from there hits the road I was rolling with the story even with her new idols the people th [...]

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