Jan 29, 2022
Slow Burn
Posted by Cheyenne McCray

Slow Burn Best Read || [Cheyenne McCray] Slow Burn Best Read || [Cheyenne McCray] - Slow Burn, Slow Burn New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray brings you heart stopping blood racing western romantic suspense with SLOW BURN In this standalone short contemporary suspense NOVEL Slow Burn Best Read || [Cheyenne McCray] - Slow Burn, Slow Burn New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray brings you heart stopping blood racing western romantic suspense with SLOW BURN In this standalone short contemporary suspense NOVEL

  • Title: Slow Burn
  • Author: Cheyenne McCray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Slow Burn Best Read || [Cheyenne McCray], Slow Burn, Cheyenne McCray, Slow Burn New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray brings you heart stopping blood racing western romantic suspense with SLOW BURN In this standalone short contemporary suspense NOVELLA from the Lawmen series Trace Davidson is determined to protect Christie Simpson from her ex husband who has ordered a hit on her from his jail cell Salvatore Reyes intenNew York Times an. Slow Burn Season Slate Slow Burn The L.A Riots How decades of police brutality, a broken justice system, and a video tape set off six days of unrest in Los Angeles. Slow Burn Works Archive of Our Own Slow Burn Angst Fluff Hurt Comfort Fluff and Angst Friends to Lovers Other Additional Tags to Be Added Romance Alternate Universe Canon Divergence Mutual Pining Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Slow Burn on Apple Podcasts Dec , In , a jury failed to convict the four Los Angeles police officers who d been captured on videotape beating Rodney King The city erupted into fire and chaos the culmination of decades of unchecked police abuse and racial injustice For the sixth season of Slate s Slow Burn, Joel Anderson retu Slow Burn Apr , Slow Burn Directed by Wayne Beach With Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Mekhi Phifer, Jolene Blalock A district attorney is involved in a hour showdown with a gang leader and is, at the same time, being manipulated by an attractive assistant district attorney and a SLOW BURN Scented Candle by KACEY MUSGRAVES Boy Smells The scentiment of SLOW BURN is about pausing along the way to relax and enjoy exactly where you are right now Burn in a hurry KACEY MUSGRAVES elemi black pepper ginger amber tonka bean smoked papyrus cedarwood incense. Slow Burn film Slow Burn is a American drama thriller film directed by Wayne Beach and starring Ray Liotta, Jolene Blalock and LL Cool J.It is notable for the extended period between production and eventual release A crime drama, the film was produced in , was finally given a showing at the Toronto International Film Festival, and finally got a proper theatrical release in . Slow Burn Hot Chicken Eats New Website Coming Soon Order Online Visit Us At East Main Street Hendersonville, TN For information, please call us at Facebook Instagram Email Signup Slow Burn Series Maya Banks Contemporary Romance Slow Burn is a romantic suspense series with psychic elements featuring memorable characters, and addictive, sexy storylines The series centers on the Devereaux Security agency, a family business that delves into matters beyond the scope of the normal This sizzling series features heroines with strength, vulnerability, and than a few secrets sometimes of the psychic Oscuro Slow Burn Chillout Lounge, Future Garage Dec , Clubtone net Oscuro Slow Burn remix , , Gilette, , Retail Marijuana The Slow Burn The Slow Burn is a Family Owned Retail Marijuana Store in the Yakima area We Strive to find the Best value possible with Great customer Service We

    Slow Burn Best Read || [Cheyenne McCray] - Slow Burn, Slow Burn New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray brings you heart stopping blood racing western romantic suspense with SLOW BURN In this standalone short contemporary suspense NOVEL


    The third book in the Lawmen series by Cheyenne McCray Christie Simpson is coming back secretly to Arizona to see her friends, Belle and Dylan, have their baby But her ex husband, Salvatore Reyes has ways of finding out things and he is determined she dies so he calls a hit out on her from jail Trace is given a heads up and makes it to the airport in time to intercept the baddies but not before shots are fired and Christie takes a hit Time for bodyguard protector mode to set in and Trace does al [...]

    Avid Reader

    Taking Fire Lawmen Deadly Intent 3 by Cheyenne McCray4.5 StarsM F ThrillerTriggers Attempted murder, murderI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This was a fast paced, on the run type story Christie wants to live her life nobody telling her what to do, how to be she wants her independence When she finds herself in a sticky situation, she not only has to think fast, but she has to accept Trace s help.Despite the FBI s attempts, they are having a very difficult time keeping Ch [...]


    4 Stars Slow Burnis an adult romantic suspense thriller by Cheyenne McCray and a novella in her Lawmen series.

    KnottyGirl Reviews

    Taking Fire is the third book in the Deadly Intent series and I seriously hope she continues on with it While each book is a standalone, they are best read in order to understand what has been going on in the complete storyline arc This book is about agent Trace Davidson and Christie Reyes Who, if you remember, was taken hostage by her cartel husband at Bella and Dylan s wedding Trace is pretty much in love with Christie and hasn t stopped thinking about her since the last time he saw her He kno [...]

    Sarah Barker


    April Symes

    A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review This is part of the Lawman series Christie is friends with Dylan and Belle read No Mercy and when her husband of 20 years set out to kill her group of friends known as Circle of Seven for things they heard or knew and then her husband then tried to kill her because she heard him well that pretty much was the end of her marriageIn this story, Christie is back in town to see the birth of Dylan and Belle s baby testify against her ex hus [...]


    Christie and Trace I was so excited to read this novella on these two characters They were prominently featured in book 2 of the Lawmen Series and I just knew they would get their story Christie is the ex wife of a member of the Jimenez Cartel, Salvatore May I just say good riddance That man was a piece of work Christie has been biding her time in Indiana with a cousin since she didn t want to be suffocated by the FBI while she waits to testify against her Ex When her friends Belle and Dylan get [...]

    Lori Meehan

    I loved this novella and I think it s my favorite in the series so far I drank this book in from the first pages and didn t want it to end Trace and Christie had a ton of chemistry and the romance was sweet and swift The sex was smoking hot and the suspense was nail biting and kept me on the edge of my seat In book 2 No Mercy Trace came to Christie s rescue after Salvatore her husband held her hostage while being sought after for murder and money laundering It s been months since they ve seen ea [...]


    Contemporary Romantic SuspenseBisbee and Phoenix, Arizona Trace Davidson is an agent with Department of Homeland Security and he is determined to protect Christie Simpson Christie s ex husband has managed to order a hit on her from his jail cell Salvatore Reyes doesn t intend to let Christie testify against him so he will do anything to keep her from the witness stand Trace and Christie manage to find love in the midst of the danger they are in but to have that love they must first make it out a [...]

    Laurie Gyd

    very goodI loved this story This is Trevor s and Christies story of finding each other again as Trevor helps protect Christie and assists her in getting to court to testify against her former monster of a husband Hard to believe she had been married to him for 20 years and really never knew him He had kept her away from her friends, told her how to dress, how to maintain her hair among other controlling things Trevor had followed Christi through legal channels as he had a strong feeling for her [...]

    Linda Strong

    This is Book 2.5 of the Lawmen series If you ve been following the series, this is Dylan and Christie s story Although an ongoing series, this one is also an outstanding stand alone.Christie is set to testify against her ex husband and Dylan has decided he will be her bodyguard since she has literally tossed the FBI agents out the door Lots of excitement,especially as her ex has ordered a hit on her before she gets to court.I think the bright spot for me was when Dylan takes her to his cabin whe [...]


    Christie is tired of still living under the thumb of her now EX husband After his arrest things have only gotten worse with the cartel he works in trying to kill her before she can testify, and being forced into Witness protection program All she really has is her dreams of the man who saved her.Trace hasn t truly been able to move on since his encounter with Christie almost a year ago He s still protecting her from afar, but when he gets word that she s coming back with no protection and the ca [...]


    Trace A Sexy DHS AgentTrace has not gotten Christie out of his mind since the raid and rescue almost a year ago She has been guarded by the FBI since then because she is the main witness against her ex husband, a cartel member She has had enough hiding, she wants to go back to and participate in her best friends birthing So she leaves against all advisement and runs smack into a whole bunch of trouble, a contract has been put on her, shoot to kill, by her ex He does not want her to make it to hi [...]


    In Slow Burn we find out what happened to Christie, whom we meet in No Mercy, Lawmen Book 2 Slow Burn is a novella, although it is a quick read, it still has the high intensity, action packed drama we get in the first two books of the series Yes, it is part of the series, but, it can be read as a stand alone book.Christie struggles with her feelings for Trace after escaping a brutal marriage Trace tries to show Christie what a real relationship is like, all the while protecting her from her Ex A [...]

    Deb Diem

    Slow Burn by Cheyenne McCray is a fantastic read Ms McCray has delivered a well written book full of lovable characters, action, suspense and sexy bits Christie and Trace s story kept me reading from cover to cover Who needs sleep when you re half way through a good book I look forward to reading from Cheyenne McCray in the future Slow Burn is book 3 in the Lawmen series but can be read as a stand alone This is a complete book, not a cliffhanger.


    I m so happy Cheyenne did a story for Christie After the last story it was good to see what happened to Christie Plus you got to see what happened with the characters in the last few books While this story was not as long as the others, it was just as good I loved this story and cannot wait to see if there will be in the series.


    I love how this book can be read as a stand alone but also fits into it s series nicely If you are curious, Book 1 is Hidden Prey and Book 2 is No Mercy This was a real page turner for me, so get your cup of tea ready

    Kay Childs

    Loved it Kept me interested all way to last page Loved the way itEnded Was suspenseful, romantic and could not put it down.Very good book I ll read of her books Good writer


    Actually was a DNF There was too much throwing all these characters at you and back story at the beginning and I hate wading through that crap Give me a story about the couple and those who interact with them, not a whole scene that the couple just happen to be part of


    3.5 stars


    I really enjoyed this novella, and couldn t put it down Am so happy Salvatore got what he finally deserved and so did Christie and Trace.


    Your ex husband has ordered a hit on you from his prison cell for who you saw him kill and other crimesWill you be able to stay alive to testify against him as bodies keep piling up

    Emily Harper

    Probably one of the first novellas that I ve read that doesn t actually feel too rushed Really enjoyed it.

    Jodi Cain

    This story was a wonderful read, and I cant imagine two people going through what Trace Christie did before they met each other These two were definitely made for each other fate saw to it.

    Sue Stewart

    Outstanding romantic suspense pages turned themselves, was so good Christie and Trace did not disappoint in the Hotness area either


    4.5 stars A very enjoyable, quick read.

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