Jan 20, 2022
Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel
Posted by Lizzie Ashworth

✓ Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel ☆ Lizzie Ashworth ✓ Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel ☆ Lizzie Ashworth - Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel, Jarrod Bancroft The Novel None ✓ Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel ☆ Lizzie Ashworth - Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel, Jarrod Bancroft The Novel None

  • Title: Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel
  • Author: Lizzie Ashworth
  • ISBN: 9781500620790
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • ✓ Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel ☆ Lizzie Ashworth, Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel, Lizzie Ashworth, Jarrod Bancroft The Novel None.

    ✓ Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel ☆ Lizzie Ashworth - Jarrod Bancroft: The Novel, Jarrod Bancroft The Novel None

    Amanda (Hootie) Clark

    4.5 stars A Gift For Jarrod is indeed a Christmas novella and I did read it in May but there wasn t one time I noticed it, you know why Because Cock rings and butt plugs and blow jobs OH MY I ve read Ashworth s other books and my first experience with her writing brought me to tears of laughter As I ve said in several reviews her particular penchant for sexual verbiage cracked me up but with this one I wasn t laughing At all This was a pretty steamy book that had my attention from start to finis [...]

    Lisa Zeigler

    In the 2 3 months after Jarrod s training at the Academy, we learn about Macie s painful past We also see Jarrod as a submissive while also taking the initiative with periods of authority dominate Macie is becoming addicted to him and fights to keep from becoming too close to Jarrod As part of Macie s dominatrix tendencies, there are some funny ways of requiring Jarrod to act and dress Think of high heels and an apron on a man This new world with Macie seems to help Jarrod deal with the painful [...]


    As Jarrod s story progresses in this second installment we learn about both his and Macie s pasts We understand about the guilt Macie deals with regarding Sam and how its shaped the woman she has become along with why she behaves so bipolar with Jarrod.As the author shares facts about Jarrod s past we find that life isn t always as it appears Now he has a new challenge coming that could be devastating After Jarrod graduated from the academy he and Macie live together Not so much as equals he c [...]

    Tracy Ehlers

    This instalment of Jarrod Bancroft set 3 months after the conclusion of book 1 We see Jarrod and Macie living together, while they may be living together Macie still the Dominant and lets just say that as her sub Jarrod must endure a male Chasity belt and dressing in High heels and a frilly apron as a maid although at time Jarrod begins to show a little dominance, this story is less about the BDSM lifestyle and on the stories past and present of the leading characters, Macie begins to step away [...]

    Breanna Eichhorn

    Not for the first time Jarrod considered finding another job any job that would get him out of this company Jarrod went home to Macie and he found a note telling him that she would be home later and that she was with Bea Macie kept Jarrod guessing, one day she would be annoyed that he d shaved and the next day demanding that he remove his stubble immediately It always surprised him how much he changed in the collar Jarrod wants out of the legal and financial world Only purpose was to serve Macie [...]


    I ve bought several of Ashworth s books because of my friend Amanda s LuvMyHootie reviews When I was searching my kindle library for a quick holiday read,I came across A Gift for Jarod and thought Hmm I could go for some Yuletide kink I definitely got that, and then some Gift was both a naughty read, and a truly thoughtful, well explored character study on a man who s lived a life in denial and shame, and the holiday he truly found himself with the help of Madam Macie Fun fact Madam was a teache [...]

    Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    Oohhhhh this was a really hot story Macie is the Madam at her academy for submission training After the loss of Sam would have liked to know about him Macie decides love is not for her and throws herself into training subs Jarrod is a blast from her past When he is referred to get academy she has strong feelings for him Can she cross that line This is a real quick read It s part one in this series If your not a prude and you enjoy stories about bdsm then I recommend you 1 click this one.

    Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review First let me say that I hadn t read anything from this author Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised A true BDSM romance novel with engaging characters and quite refreshing storyline Loved the reversed roles female Dom instead of the clich repetition we usually have in such books and the development A lot of twists and turns and quite an emotional ridePlus some intense scenes fans self I recommend it to all fans of the genre.5 Stars [...]

    Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    I really enjoyed this Make sure you read book one before reading this as its a continuation As this is part of a series I really don t want to put spoilers in so its kinda hard to review I thought the author did a great job with this story Everything Macie thought and believed has changed since meeting Jarrod Will she allow her heart or her head to win Really enjoyed this I m so looking forward to reading the next part in this hot series.


    I received a copy of this novella in exchange for a honest review This story was an enjoyable quick read The author provided a great sexy scenario of a hot older female prior teacher and a rich and sexy younger male submissive prior student The interactions between the two main characters sizzled.

    Rosi Phillips

    I have mixed reviews about this story It was given to me for an honest review, so I ll try to be as thorough as possible The characters I didn t really feel strongly about Macie or Jarrod I just couldn t connect with the characters, because I feel I didn t get as much depth Sure, Sam was the love of Macie s life, and he died but why did that destroy her so much I would have liked to have gotten detailed and concrete information about their relationship and how because of that she was able to st [...]

    Kirsty Vizard

    This book is an amalgamation of the fourth and fifth novellas in the Jarrod Bancroft series Lizzie Ashworth exhibits a writing style which is not only different, but on a higher level than we witnessed in the first book Whilst she maintains an atmosphere of intense eroticism, she adds a sense of mystery and draws deep emotions from her characters.The conclusion of Jarrod s Spring Break left us in turmoil, questioning Jarrod s disappearance and so at the beginning of book three we discover him im [...]


    This book in my opinion was easy to like The two main characters I could relate too The concept of the story was believable and wasn t way out there But there are a few things I would have liked information on One is why was the death of Sam what made Macie open the academy I understand loving a person and having it make you go crazy with grief but his death destroyed her and that leaves me to asking the question why More background information on her relationship with Sam could ve answered the [...]

    Lisa Zeigler

    I ve read Faint Heart by Ms Ashworth and love her writing style This novella is somewhat different in that it focuses on BDSM and submissive training Macie Fitzgerald, previously a high school teacher and after suffering a great loss, found a new calling as a Dominatrix and by opening Stoneybrook Academy The training is a three week time period and the book is very explicit in the various parts of the training.Jarrod Bancroft 27, has tried everything to gain his father s approval as an athlete, [...]


    When we last saw Jarrod Bancroft he was missing, taken in plain daylight from the court house Macie was beside herself, good She needs a wake up call Mind you, I do not want anything bad to happen to the lovely Jarrod Bancroft but as I said Macie needs a wake up call She loves Jarrod and we all know it, it s time for her to admit it and tell him The conclusion to Jarrod Bancroft s story has surprising revelations, steamy sex and desperation Each character finds their own unconventional way to su [...]


    I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is definitely for the light of heart It was dark in a lot of aspects.Jarrod Bancroft is looking for something new in his life Everything from childhood to adulthood has come easily for him Almost like life was just simply handed to him on a silver platter He decides to take a chance at something different And that something can only be found at the Academy He doesn t know what to expect but he is willing to [...]

    Kirsty Vizard

    The reader joins Mistress Macie and Sub Jarrod, months after their initial encounter at Stonybrook Academy They are now living together, still involved in a BDSM relationship, but Jarrod unhappily working for his father and Macie in limbo, no longer a part of the Academy However, as individuals they have developed and both are entering an unsettling time Jarrod is attempting to assert himself in the workplace as well as sexually and Macie is both confused and dismissive of her feelings for Jarro [...]

    Kirsty Vizard

    In the third of the Jarrod Bancroft series the story is less focused on the sexual side of Macie and Jarrod s relationship, instead Lizzie Ashworth choosing to examine the emotions of her two characters This, however, does not mean that the novella is less erotic than the previous two installments, it is just that most of the sexual activity is taking place at the Academy and the reader witnesses it through Macie s eyes.Macie has always used sex as a way to avoid her feelings, but here she is fo [...]

    Kay Collins

    If like me you actually prefer to read the whole story novel, instead of book by book It always seems like you have or are going to miss something before you read the next one Then your really going to like this book I read the first book and was intrigued to what Jarrods story was and how it would end When i got The Novel I found out without having to wait Though I have written reviews for all the books that related to the novel I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Novel in full It w [...]

    Breanna Eichhorn

    Macie read about Jarrod, about his college degree and Law school, his athletics and academic honors Whatever burned inside Jarrod she wanted to know it, see it, touch it Jarrod got a email from the academy that was incomplete Jarrod has been told all his life that he was good looking, but he didn t see it Six weeks of intense training a place where he would be pushed to his limits While at the academy Jarrod lost track in the changes underway inside his mind and body Jarrod works at his family o [...]

    Melissa Miller-Mattern

    A Wanton Book Lover Blog Review Let me first begin by saying that I loved the Jarrod Bancroft series by Lizzie Ashworth Almost immediately I felt the story was good and it had me hooked We meet Mistress Macie Fitzgerald who trains those seeking pain and submission She has proudly built The Academy to be one of the premier, elite BDSM training facilities While looking through applications to The Academy, Macie discovers that a former student of hers from her days of teaching high school history J [...]

    Leslie Clifford

    Macie was surprised when she was reading applications for Stonybrook Academy to find one for Jarrod Bancroft Jarrod was her student in high school The all American quarterback with a bright future ahead of him Macie had been attracted to him even then but never acted upon it She had fantasized many times about Jarrod and now finally those fantasies could become reality Jarrod was tired of trying to live up to expectations set by his father and family His life was too easy Needing to challenge hi [...]


    Macie is still torn between wanting Jarrod around and feeling like she is taking advantage of him due to her being older and dominant over him, although she s not always the dominant one She has actually turned to a counselor for advice Jarrod is going through some of his own issues His father s business is being investigated and thanks to wanting to please his dad, Jarrod is mixed up in the mess His mom wants to see him and find out what s going on, so they meet for lunch Little did either of t [...]

    Breanna Eichhorn

    I was looking forward to this book Jarrod was kidnapped at gunpoint He thought it wasn t really a gun, maybe they wouldn t shoot him He kept asking questions, but nobody would talk Macie was in her room staring at her laptop, hoping it was the wrong information Macie tossed and tossed and turned, every night even with the help of pills Each day she say at her desk staring at the computer screen unable to process Since she learned of Jarrod s disappearance Macie and Jarrod were close He has no id [...]


    Amazing This book placed a blush on my cheeks which is not an easy task The concept of an academy to help you find yourself and kink was a new one for me.I thoroughly enjoyed the past relationship of Macie and Jarrod This gave a building block for their story I was a little lost on what exactly happened to Sam that steered Macie into the bdsm scene but perhaps we ll learn in a later book I ve read plenty of books dealing with bdsm clubs and sorts and rarely found myself in moments of shock as I [...]


    At the end of the last book we were left with an oh Crap moment at the realization that Jarrod has been kidnapped We begin this book with Jarrod tied to a chair with the knowledge he s kidnapped and has no idea why We watch as he faces his fears and does what he must to win his freedom along with the fear that he s losing his sanity.The second half walks us through his trying to deal with the aftermath of his captivity His acceptance of who he is and how to proceed with his life despite the posi [...]

    Leslie Clifford

    At the beginning of this book we see Jarrod being kidnapped at the court house and we do not know where he has been taken or who took him Jarrod struggles to hold on to his sanity and his focus on his love for Macie He begins a sexual relationship with his kidnapper in an attempt to find a way back to Macie Meanwhile Macie is beside herself and personally I think she should be She has done everything in the past two books to distance herself from Jarrod and it is time she realizes what a large p [...]


    A Gift for Jarrod ended at his graduation from Stoneybrook Academy Marcie and Jarrod now live together as sub and Madam, but Marcie determined to keep just about sex She wants no part of a personal relationship Unfortunately for her, her heart has other ideas The connected to Jarrod she feels the irritable she becomes One day after a talk with her old friend Chris Patterson she realizes its Valentine s Day, worst day of the year for her See what happens when Jarrod comes home with some surpris [...]


    Let me just start with I don t normally read books like this because they tend to be poorly written please see, Fifty Shades of Grey so obviously, my 5 star rating should be worth haha I was recommended this book by a friend and was pleasantly surprised and then delighted by it Ms Ashworth has created a incredibly believable, dynamic characters and a dimensional world for them to reside in I am not a practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle, so I can t speak to the accuracy of that aspect of the book [...]

    Jai Brown

    Picks up exactly where the last left off.The bond between Jarrod and Hector is extremely entertaining In this book you really get to know Jarrod, who is basically living in his own head His desperation is heart wrenching A few unexpected revelations come to light, leaving you wonder where this series is goingJarrod comes up with an interesting plan and makes a deal with John He suffers from a classic case of Stockholm syndrome, and I found myself feeling very sorry for him He struggles to come b [...]

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