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[PDF] Shadowplay | by ☆ Laura Lam [PDF] Shadowplay | by ☆ Laura Lam - Shadowplay, Shadowplay Old magics are waking But will the world survive their return Micah Grey almost died when he fled the circus with Drystan now he and the ex clown seek to outrun disaster Drystan persuades his old frie [PDF] Shadowplay | by ☆ Laura Lam - Shadowplay, Shadowplay Old magics are waking But will the world survive their return Micah Grey almost died when he fled the circus with Drystan now he and the ex clown seek to outrun disaster Drystan persuades his old frie

  • Title: Shadowplay
  • Author: Laura Lam
  • ISBN: 9781908844408
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Shadowplay | by ☆ Laura Lam, Shadowplay, Laura Lam, Shadowplay Old magics are waking But will the world survive their return Micah Grey almost died when he fled the circus with Drystan now he and the ex clown seek to outrun disaster Drystan persuades his old friend Jasper Maske a once renowned magician to take them in But when he agrees to teach them his trade Maske is challenged to the ultimate high stakes duel by his embitteOld magics are waki.

    [PDF] Shadowplay | by ☆ Laura Lam - Shadowplay, Shadowplay Old magics are waking But will the world survive their return Micah Grey almost died when he fled the circus with Drystan now he and the ex clown seek to outrun disaster Drystan persuades his old frie

    Laura Lam

    As SHADOWPLAY is available on Netgalley, I have created a pictoral taste of the sequel to PANTOMIME Don t quite remember all the events of the first book and want a refresher I wrote a Previously, on Pantomime summary on my blog contains spoilers, obv staticsplit.wordpress 2013This is the image that most closely mirrors the overall tone I hope the novel will have Rather than taking place in a circus, it takes place in the Kymri Theatre, which is based slightly on the Egyptian Hall of London Ther [...]


    1st Read January 20142nd Read March 2017Original ReviewI loved Pantomime when I read it last year, it had the most wonderfully diverse characters that I completely fell in love with and I couldn t wait to catch up with them in Shadowplay The story picks up immediately where we left off with Micha and Drystan on the run and desperately needing a place to hide out after what happened to them Drystan takes them to the run down Kymri Theatre and his old friend Jasper Maske agrees to let them stay Af [...]

    ☙ percy ❧

    the first book was good but this is an ENTIRE NEW GODDAMN LEVEL


    In this middle volume of thePantomime trilogy, the setting action moves from the circus to a magic prestidigitation show I really enjoyed learning about the lands where the story is set, and about Kedis, Chimaeras, and other mystical magical beings I loved the budding romance between Micah and Drystan, and Micah s shyness and tentativeness as he tries to adjust to and reconcile his dual gender nature and how that affects his relationships with other people I was less fond of the shades of The [...]


    You know those times when you read a book that leaves you wishing so sincerely that you d been able to read it when you were a kid, or in your teens That feeling might be a little bittersweet, but let s focus on the sweet, because honestly I wish I d had this and Pantomime to read fifteen years ago.As was established in Pantomime, Micah Grey was born Iphigenia Laurus His parents wanted a girl Micah identifies as a boy In truth, Micah is both Pantomime dealt with how he found his feet within his [...]


    I thought the pace could have been a bit faster, and I m really intrigued to find out about Micah s past and this whole storyline with the Chimaera and Anisa The cliffhanger was not as cruel as the one in the first book, so I suppose the wait for Masquerade won t be TOO painful for me.

    Leontii Cristea

    Review originally posted at Jet Black Ink This review will barely do justice to the book and its sheer excellence, because I am having to reign in my inner fanboy and go easy on the complete author love, here There s a lot of fanboy to contain, trust me Shadowplay is the second of the Micah Grey books and hell, I fear a revolt if there are not and it not only continues on beautifully from where its predecessor Pantomime left off in taking us on a magical journey through a Victorian esque world [...]

    Stuti (Turmeric isn't your friend. It will fly your ship

    So many things going on, so much to figure out, so too much going on in poor Gene Micah Sam s head Shadows after Gene, mysterious clients of the aforementioned shadows, policiers after Micah and Drystan, political unrest, supernaturally cosmic changes, flashbacks of creatures that exist no , the paranormal aspect of the now, learning the art of stage magic to pass the time and compete against a rival I m sure I must have missed out on one thing or the other.Shadowplay starts literally in the wak [...]


    Fantasy Review barnPantomime was a great book Shadowplay is a continuation of it, and provides of the same This is in no way a bad thing, but it does make it harder to talk about than I thought was possible.You see when I first reviewed Pantomime I was enthralled To begin it was a perfectly enjoyable fantasy novel with all the fixins young character on the run joins a slightly magical circus in a slightly magical land Not really heavy in the fantasy elements, though it of course had those littl [...]


    4.5 I NEED THE NEXT BOOK Received in exchange for an honest review Thanks goes to Strange Chemistry May contain spoilers for Pantomime Ahhhhh I loved this book Having read and really enjoyed Pantomime I was so eager to get my hands on Shadowplay I don t think I ve quite calmed myself down enough to be writing this review yet It felt like such a different book from Pantomime yet so similar I really enjoyed Laura s first book but this one blasted it straight out of the water It s in this book that [...]


    PANTOMIME was one of my favorite books last year I even nominated it for the Cybils, where it is now a finalist SHADOWPLAY picks up right where PANTOMIME leaves off, with Micah and Drystan on the run and looking for a place to stay It had been awhile since I d read PANTOMIME, so I was a bit lost at sea until I read further and things started coming back to me.Laura Lam really ramps up the worldbuilding in SHADOWPLAY Much is explained about the Phantom Damselfly and her history as well as how it [...]


    Pantomime blew my mind with it s uniqueness It was one of those young adult fantasy novels that you can recommend only to real fantasy connoisseurs looking for something different.Still great Beautiful descriptions Unique characters Intriguing setting Especially those penglass domes no one can open I keep wondering what secrets they hide within After circus now we get behind the scenes of magic shows I always like to hear how magic tricks are really performed.Could have been better The plot drag [...]


    So I m reading Shadowplay by Laura Lam, sequel to the awesome LGBT embracing genre busting badasss as hell YA fantasy Pantomime which if you didn t already guess I love to no end.And I m only a few chapters in and I m already SO FULL OF FEELINGS about this Micah and Drystan.FEELS SO MANY FEELS.EDIT I finished it and now I still have ALL THE FEELS.

    T.L. Costa

    Laura Lam has deftly crafted another fast paced, emotional novel.


    Nooooo A cliff hanger So glad I have the next book to read.This is a really imaginative series and I love this latest instalment It feels fresh and adds something to this genre Full Review to come on bookmoodreviews

    Milo (BOK)

    The Review thefoundingfields 2014 01 An excellent read that continues the fine form set by Pantomime, Shadowplay gets 2014 off to a great start and makes Laura Lam an unmissable author with two excellent hits I could not put this book down, and you won t be able to as well Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields The circus lies behind Micah Grey in dust and ashes.He and the white clown, Drystan, take refuge with the once great magician, Jasper Maske When Maske agrees to teach them his trade, his embi [...]


    For some reason, while my local library has a pretty extensive collection, they seem oddly lacking in books from smaller publishers and books from Bay Area writers of which the second Micah Grey novel qualifies as both Thankfully, Berkeley Public Library had a copy which I could special order.Micah and Drystan spend this book in the company of magicians similar ilk to Pantomime s circus performers, so it s not too different from the first book However, Lam keeps things interesting with our perfo [...]


    The much anticipated second installment from Laura Lam I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, and was longing to read this one I had this on order from , but was too impatient to read it so I picked up a second copy from the bookstore I do not feel that this is money wasted as I devoured the book within hours of getting a spare moment to read it The character development in this volume showed much growth from the author as a builder Not one aspect of the book was flat or grossly underdeveloped The [...]

    Vee S

    1literally all I have to say right now.

    usagi ☆ミ

    I was lucky enough to do a beta read for this MS Guys, it s going to be amazing I loved it, and I m so happy to have been able to be apart of it Definitely be on the lookout for it next year Full review to come when things get to the ARC stage of things D


    Four Stars A smart, complex and intriguing series.Micah and Drystan are in hiding after the devastating events that transpired their last night at the circus The pair are wanted for the murder of the ringmaster Drystan seeks shelter with an old friend Jasper Maske Maske is a washed up magician, unable to perform magic, living in a dilapidated old theatre Maske agrees to hide Micah and Drystan for three months During that time, Maske will teach Drystan and Micah magic Immediately, Micah begins ha [...]


    NB Shadowplay is the sequel to Pantomime, so this review contains spoilers for that book It is possible to read Shadowplay without having read Pantomime as the key information about events is reviewed as it is touched upon, but even though this is better I would recommend reading Pantomime first.Also, this book was provided to me for no monies by the kind peoples at Angry Robot Strange Chemistry, facilitated in this act of goodness marketing by the mighty NetGalley The short non spoilery version [...]

    Jess Jackson

    I might love this one even than I did the second Micha and Drystans budding romance swoonsWe enter a different world from the first, gone is the circus and enter magic shows Maske is a magician who having lost a bet a number of years ago is no longer allowed to practise magic Drystan and Maske go way back and Maske agrees to shelter them in his crumbling theatre and teach them magic, they become his students.This leads to Maskes former enemy asking for a rematch between the two magicians studen [...]


    Originally posted at City of BooksI absolutely adored Laura Lam s debut novel, Pantomime, and I didn t think its sequel could top it But man, was I wrong Shadowplay is just as amazing, if not better Even though the circus setting is gone, the magic is still there, and things get a whole lot fantastical.Laura s writing is impeccable, and that vivid magical element she had in Pantomime is still there in this one Shadowplay picks up right where Pantomime left off, with Micah and Drystan on the run [...]


    This review originally appeared on my blog, Leeanna SHADOWPLAY picks up minutes after PANTOMIME my book review of PANTOMIME ends On the run from policiers after killing the ringmaster of R H Ragona s Circus of Magic, Micah and Drystan take refuge with an old acquaintance of Drystan s, the formerly great magician Jasper Maske In need of money so they can escape Ellada, Micah convinces Maske to teach them magic Although Maske is forbidden from performing, the restriction doesn t apply to apprentic [...]


    Shadowplay is the sequel to Pantomime, a 2013 d but that followed a run away child who joined a circus Although I enjoyed this book on many levels, I ultimately feel that it failed to engage me in the way that I wanted One of the things that contribute to this feeling is that a lot of the things I loved about the previous book simply aren t present The dual stories of Gene and Micah were quite engaging, and this book is concerned with the world that Micah lives in, rather than explaining the di [...]


    I m a big fan of Laura Lam s debut Pantomime so it was out of question whether I would read the sequel as soon as I could get my hands on it And I think Shadowplay was even better than the first book I was once again taken in quickly by the beautiful language and unique setting of Ellada.Shadowplay picks up the story right after the showdown in the circus Micah and Drystan are on the run from the authorities and have nowhere to go But then Drystan remembers an old acquaintance, Jasper Maske, who [...]


    Huge thank you to Strange Chemistry and Netgalley for allowing me to review this book in advance.I adored Pantomime and it was easily one of the best reads I encountered this year Shadowplay it s direct sequel, might be just as amazing as its predecessor With Micah and Drystan having left the circus in ashes, they begin a new journey at each other s side.Micah has some major growth in this story So much so that it s easy to continue to love his thought process for how he views the world around h [...]

    Ashley Ferguson

    This review and can be found at The A P Book Club I received this book as an eARC from Strange Chemistry on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I loved Pantomime I thought it was new and refreshing and exciting, and I loved basically everything about it So Shadowplay had quite a bit to live up to And it did not disappoint in any way I was pleasantly surprised that the excitement and intrigue of the circus in Pantomime was just as excellently done in a stage magic setting Real magic is in [...]


    There is no one way to be a magician any than there is only one way to be human The first thing I ll say about this book is that I was pleasantly surprised about where it started off and just how quickly we were brought back into the action I can t stand it when a book bores me into discontinuing before I ve been able to give it a real chance As a sequel, Shadowplay is strong in that it really does improve upon a lot of the weaker aspects of the first book The pace is faster and the cast of cha [...]

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