Jan 20, 2022
Billionaire: Part 1
Posted by Juliette Jones

[PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones [PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones - Billionaire: Part 1, Billionaire Part Lila Carmichael is a good girl a high achieving academic punctual to a fault unfailingly conscientious and embarrassingly inexperienced Too preoccupied with her studies Lila has never had much tim [PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones - Billionaire: Part 1, Billionaire Part Lila Carmichael is a good girl a high achieving academic punctual to a fault unfailingly conscientious and embarrassingly inexperienced Too preoccupied with her studies Lila has never had much tim

  • Title: Billionaire: Part 1
  • Author: Juliette Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • [PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones, Billionaire: Part 1, Juliette Jones, Billionaire Part Lila Carmichael is a good girl a high achieving academic punctual to a fault unfailingly conscientious and embarrassingly inexperienced Too preoccupied with her studies Lila has never had much time for boyfriends After graduating from Princeton Lila moves to New York City and begins her job search Innocent and na ve she is swept away by an uncharacteristic bloomLila Carmi.

    [PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones - Billionaire: Part 1, Billionaire Part Lila Carmichael is a good girl a high achieving academic punctual to a fault unfailingly conscientious and embarrassingly inexperienced Too preoccupied with her studies Lila has never had much tim


    Before I start I would like to say this My problem lies with the plot only The style of writing was actually really good And even though I didn t like this one, I will be open to reading something else by this author Now without further adoThis was 24 pages ofWe have Lila who goes on an interview for an assistant job to billionaire Alexander Wolfe This was the beginning of the end view spoiler Strike one She doesn t wear a bra or panties because her roommate basically tells her being hot and goi [...]

    Mindy Lou's Book Reviews

    This is only my second book from this author and granted I probably need to read to base a full opinion, but I must say for this type of read you known the quick dirty little reads that some of us love to just pass the time with before digging into a full length book I find that she has one of the mature writing style I say that because I m not rolling my eyes after every other sentence The attraction is felt The sex scenes are blush inducing.

    Jenifer Kleine

    To much of a good thing is all I can say about this book It s 50 Shades of Grey meets Beautiful Bastard on Viagrad I mean exceeding the recommended dosage If you like just reading about sex over and over and over and over and over again, then this is the book for you I like reading about sex as much as your typical chick, but when even I m getting bored over her millionth mind blowing orgasm, it s just to much Not to mention the whole virgin thing, there is no possible way being a virgin that yo [...]

    Aղցela W.

    This was a short quick read that was ok.

    Shari Kay

    Author Serial not for me view spoiler om watching touching h while having sex with H, H allowing fffm action though I don t think ow touch hero hide spoiler

    Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan!

    Things moved PRETTY FAST like this.Our heroine hi how you doing I m here for an interview bitchy narcissistic assistant okay fine I think she s bitchy and narcissistic don t blame me if our heroine wants to wear a fucking black skirt and goes commando for an interview SHE WILL DO IT got in the the elevator in the corner and it ll take you to the 27th floor and you ll see Mr Wolfe SEX GOD ALERT heroine I m wet in my down area ,my body is giving up on me, let me have sex with you.I m not wearing a [...]


    5 stars yep 5 stars for a novella I ve read some of the reviews, some loved it and some disliked it, well obviously, i loved it After reading the synopsis, I was like, same ol same ol , I mean, there s nothing unique about it, so why read it Because he s a friggin billionaire unique or not, I totally dig alpha male billionaires And I wanted to give the author a try, this is the first time that I ll be reading a novel from her Miss Juliette recommended this series, and I was like, why not try it [...]


    None of my job interviews ever went like this The story is as common as they come, pun intended But damn the author got the eroticism dead on It just had me melting Part 2 did, also But these lust stories are hard to sustain once the couple gets down to everyday living At least BDSM elevates sex to an art form If it s plain vanilla, then there s not much the writing can do to keep the sex exciting Not sure if I ll read beyond Part 2.

    Melody Goeken

    I enjoyed much about this book, loved Lila and Alexander and how much their childhood shaped their adult lives I loved watching them share their fears and past horror that they had never been able to fully share with anyone before.SPOILER ALERT Several parts of the book were uncomfortable for me to read and witness I had a difficult time understanding how someone like Lila, so innocent and traumatized about sex would allow the scene at the card table to play out It seemed way out of character fo [...]

    Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

    This review is for the complete series of Billionaire.Explosive, raw, lustful, erotic and emotional are but a few words that come to mind when reviewing this book The combination of Lila Carmichael and Alexander Wolfe is highly combustible from the moment he begins to interview her for the job of his assistant.This is erotica with a great plot line These two characters literally cannot keep their hands from each other Some of the scenes are so hot you will think your house is on fire.They both a [...]


    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I know I know It s another version of 50SOG, very very sexy and yes I absolutely loved it Alexander yum yum yum

    Angel **Book Junkie**

    Yes Yes Yes Finally a short story that does it for me Lets me love the characters as well as the story Pretty damn awesome I will be purchasing the rest of the story because I think it will be worth it I will let you all know once I read Billionaire 2.




    Wow What else can I say Reading this was pure poetry Yeah the pace could have been slower but never have I had a smoother reading At no point did I feel like I had to stop and re read So hats off to Ms Jones for her brilliant writing In reference to the actual plot line, I really wish that it wasn t so short I m getting heartily sick of this trend that seems to be going around with authors splitting up a story when there s really no need to The chemistry though was very hot although as mentioned [...]

    Toni Lewis

    I enjoyed this book first one from this author and Alexander and Lila were just enough steaminess to keep you reading on Lord who wouldn t fall in love with a man like Alexander he is every girls dream guy , buy he takes Lila right off her feet Going for a job interview Lila doesn t expect to see the gorgeous Alexander when he open the door to his office and he isn t expecting her neither so there both speechless By the time the job interview is over Alexander is asking her to join him in a drin [...]

    Paula Legate

    WOW What a job interview Lila had studied hard, and just graduated from Preston She goes on her first job interview, not expecting to get it She is applying to be an assistant She is expecting someone much older When she meets Alexander, the owner of the company, all she can do is try not to stare at his beautiful body She has never felt desire for another person as strong as she desires alexander This is a very short book It really does not have much of a plot It s very erotic, and steamy In th [...]


    Lila, new Princeton grad and virgin, comes to Skyscraper publishing for a job interview she is under qualified for She is instantly attracted to Alexander, the owner He finds her sexy and offers her the assistant job They proceed to have unprotected sex on his desk This is an unbelievable set up, but the seduction was well done Alexander is stunned that Lila is a virgin, so he has sex with her a few times because her vagina is just that magical and he couldn t help himself A lot of emphasis was [...]


    This was a highly erotic read from the beginning to the end.Mr Alexander Wolfe the owner and CEO of Skyscraper is looking for a new assistant Lila Carmichael is fresh out of college and needing a job When she walks in for this interview sparks fly between the two.Alexander and Lila become instant lovers He becomes a bit controlling towards her almost scaring her away.There wasn t much of a story other than their constant love making.A very hot read.


    I was gifted this book for and honest review This book was super steamy When Lila went on an interview to be executive assistant to Alexander, she had no ideal how her life was about to change I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed the development of the characters and the story This book is overflowing with sex If you don t like smut with your romance then you might not want this one Now all my SMUT Lovers.ab this book


    Um, WOW So I just happened upon this series and was drawn in by the cover It was and wasnt what I was expecting and I LOVE IT HOT HOT read plus an interesting story I just realized I only rated on installment so I have currently read up to book 5 LOVE this series and cant wait to read


    This book was good once I got past all of the sex scenes Yes, I know it is an Erotic book but I kind of got bored reading page after page about sex I would have like to have read a little into the story I think it would have a been a really good book if there was to the story and a little less sexual descriptions.

    Melissa Labadie

    Very short First off you have a 22 year old virgin Lila who goes for an interview and the whole time she s thinking sexual thoughts about the billionaire CEO There isn t much talk between the two And they they go at it several times with no protection WTF Anyways going to read the next book to see if it s any better but so far I would not recommend it to anyone.

    Kathy Chung

    feels something like sara fawkes s Castaway series I find that this first book not smooth as it jumps from Lila going for an interview and straight into intimacy not the sexual type of intimacy but rather of lover that trust each other feels like there is a missing step good thing is that it s written in point of view of the hero and heroine.


    Left me wanting More Hotly Erotic, Steamy and all the other adjectives Lila, an innocent that wants , and Alexander the billionaire that will give her it and just what she needs It starts out with the most erotic interview for the job of his assistant It becomes It just gets better as part one goes on Will definitely get the box set now

    Kylie C

    Received ARC for review.Loved this book.Similar to Bared to You and 50 shades Sorry you probably don t like comparisons, but if you re after book recommendations after reading these books, Billionaire is perfect for you.

    The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    This little intro to Lila Carmichael is just a little shy on a real plot line but it gives you a little than some of the others super shorts for parts series Things intensify pretty swiftly Writing interesting and the build is there for the next part.


    I loved this short novella was so hot I m excited to read


    received the full book of this series via net galley and its irresistibly steamy where do they get their stamina from lolally good story line and did I say steamy wow is all I can say.


    Really don t know what to think about the book right now, I ll add a review after I finish the entire series.


    5 of the most sensual stars I don t know why I mean, seriously, this book is not even 30 pages and it got me all hooked AWESOME start

    • [PDF] Download Ï Billionaire: Part 1 : by Juliette Jones
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    Billionaire: Part 1