Jan 27, 2022
The Elric Saga Part II
Posted by Michael Moorcock Robert Gould

The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould] The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould] - The Elric Saga Part II, The Elric Saga Part II Omnibus contains The Vanishing Tower The Bane of the Black Sword and Stormbringer The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould] - The Elric Saga Part II, The Elric Saga Part II Omnibus contains The Vanishing Tower The Bane of the Black Sword and Stormbringer

  • Title: The Elric Saga Part II
  • Author: Michael Moorcock Robert Gould
  • ISBN: 9781568650418
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould], The Elric Saga Part II, Michael Moorcock Robert Gould, The Elric Saga Part II Omnibus contains The Vanishing Tower The Bane of the Black Sword and Stormbringer.

    The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould] - The Elric Saga Part II, The Elric Saga Part II Omnibus contains The Vanishing Tower The Bane of the Black Sword and Stormbringer

    Dan Schwent

    2011 re read The Vanishing Tower Elric and Moonglum continues their quest to destroy the sorcerer Theleb K aarna, visiting Myshella s castle, Nadsokor, the city of beggars, Tanelorn, and the Forest of TroosThe saga of Elric continues moving toward its conclusion Elric meets up with Myshella, flying her magic eagle thing around, takes on all kinds of demons, and meets up with Erekose, Corum, and Jhary a Conel More of his destiny is revealed, Rackhir and Brut make return appearances, and Elric spe [...]


    The final three novels of the original six Elric stories by SFF legend Michael Moorcock, compiled into an omnibus edition Man, these stories are sure action packed I ll see how well I can individually sum up each novel.The Vanishing Tower This story chronicles a number of adventures of Elric as he travels the Young Kingdoms attempting to slay his new mortal enemy, the sorcerer Theleb K aarna The first portion of The Vanishing Tower was one of the worst and most derivative Elric stories I ve enco [...]


    This book includes the fourth through the sixth of the old six book Elric series that Moorcock put out I was seriously into Moorcocks Elric stuff as a teenager and now after rereading it after all these years I still consider this to be a classic in the fantasy genre Elric is far from being a typical or cliched fantasy hero, in fact I would label him as an anti hero Instead of being a strong chivalric hero Elric is a foppish weakling albino who is kept alive only through the use of drugs and sor [...]

    Meg Powers

    Man, I m sad this is over It s been a long time since a series of books has felt like a really good friend Even when taking long breaks from The Elric Saga, I found myself thinking about it with great frequency This series was very moving to me, not only because the character of Elric and his burden was depicted with beauty and sympathy, but because you can really see Moorcock evolve as a writer with each new book The first book in the Elric Saga, Elric of Melnibone , didn t grip my attention It [...]

    Derek Fraser

    As I look at other people s reviews of this, I see phrases such as action packed and atypical anti hero And you know, it s hard to not agree with at least the first one There certainly is a lot happening on these pages, but never anything you can t easily predict Every chapter throughout all of these novels is a self contained conflict, normally consisting of Elric and friends learn of conflict , Elric and friends learn what they need to do , Elric gets transported to where he needs to be, does [...]


    This contains the best Elric story collection, Stormbringer Technically this book is a collection of 3 collections, which themselves contain about 4 short stories a piece And this physical book is only 3 of 6 collections published together There are short stories not in this collection and a number of novels that fit elsewhere into the chronology of Elric While Stormbringer has some of the first stories written about Elric, they are chronologically his last But don t worry about any of that Thi [...]


    Re read in 2014, re reviewed I must have romanticized this a bit when I was a teen or in my early 30sWhile Elric and the whole mythology surrounding him is undoubtedly a greatcreation and fed the imaginations of those who invented Dungeons andDragons the writing is immature, and hurried Major events are 2pages long ending with a swift kill by Elric The drama is weak.The geography suffers strongly from a lack of a map All in all, I think I m not gonna revisit this series ever again Below are my c [...]

    Ross Lockhart

    Rounding out the second half of the six original books of Moorcock s celebrated Elric saga, this compliation of The Vanishing Tower, The Bane of the Black Sword, and Stormbringer continues to deliver the sword and sorcery thrills, weird epic adventure, and fantasy counter stereotypes initiated in Elric of Melnibone With literary chops like Moorcock s, it is no wonder that the Elric Saga has inspired generations of heavy metal listening, socio sexual identity questioning, scrawny, bookish, longha [...]

    João Batista

    I have already written about Books 4 and 5, so now let us see a little about Book 6 Stormbringer.It begins by introducing the Terrible Men or Fate s Spokesmen Elric has to face now a Dead God Finally, we can see him finding his purpose in life We are also introduced to Chaos devastating everything everywhere and the world changed A battle ensues against the Dukes of Hell, but this time Elric is aided by Stormbringer s brothers, or as Moorcock says somewhere in the book sister swords.Straasha Kin [...]


    The Elric saga is considered on of the classics of fantasy fiction There is plenty of action, imagination, and a completely original and complex protagonist I enjoyed those elements of the book but ultimately the lead character was unsympathetic and the supporting cast of characters lacked depth The book had a great ending and is worth reading, but ultimately character development is key for my reading enjoyment.


    I first read this book, as well as part 2, when I was 10 years old I read both books in about 3 days over a holiday weekend I could not put it down, up until this point all hero books I had read were the same, hero was big and buff, strives for kingship over his domain and marry a queen Nope not here, everything I had ever read or known was tossed out Elric instantly became one of my favorite SF F characters I highly recommend this book to any and all fantasy Sci Fi fans.


    I read these three novels long time ago in Junior High between 1986 1989 I recently reread this book, Part Two, which has the last three original novels, The Vanishing Tower, The Bane of the Black Sword, and Stormbringer I liked them but they are better in Junior High I do prefer these last three original novels found in Part Two especially the last two , over the first three found in Part One.

    Daniel Alemán D.

    The struggle of the albino prince Elric of Melnibone with his destiny is the struggle of every man As much as he questioned himself, I found myself remembering how I echoed this doubts at some yonder years Are we mere puppets of the gods is there s any purpose for all this pain The Elric Saga Part II is an exercise in existentialism every thinking man pious or not should venture on.

    Shane Buelna

    I read these books a long time ago, and so I only remember them hazily But the character of Elric stands out in my mind I loved the story of this albino prince traveling all of the world and through space and time, never quite sure what he is hoping to find but unable to return to his own people Great series.

    Joey LaBartunek

    Read the review from the first volume Same stuff This volume collects the final sort of tales of Elric of Melnibone But not only were the stories great, Moorecock crushed me several times with gut wrenching turns It wasnt until I read Martin s Song of Fire and Ice series that I was even closely as shocked and pleased all at once.

    Vincent Darlage

    This was a bear to read I just had a hard time getting into it I liked the series much better as a teenager I get that it is an allegory of addiction, but something about it lacked grounding it just felt unattached to anything relevant No moment felt really heroic, or clever, or anything lots of deux ex machina stuff happening.

    Mike (the Paladin)

    All I said about volume one of this series goes for volume 2 I read the Elric stories long ago With the new additions Moorcock has added they make up a great part of a great fantasy cycle The Eternal Champion Cycle

    Jaime Buckley

    Huge Elric fan I remember the smaller books when I was a teenI think they were about 75 pages or so Love the compilation books and turned my son onto them instant hit.

    Yves Narbonne

    Comme je disais, un classique


    The continuation of Moocock s Elric sage I recommend this as a must read for any true fantasy fan


    The final three books of Michael Moorcock s original Elric tales, in which much depth of character is revealed Witness the end of the world in the final chapter Stormbringer.


    Incredible.Moorcock is a master of fantasy.



    Serge Pierro

    I really enjoyed Moorcock s writing and storytelling with the Elric series Even though these stories are famous, I always felt that they were somewhat underrated within the fantasy genre.


    One of the best fantasy warrior novels ever written Highly overrated and often overlooked, Moorcocks brooding albino warrior makes Conan and Tarzan look like major wuss bags.

    Nathan Avery

    In my opinion, the best ending of any fantasy series While a lot of authors shy away from pulling the trigger at the last minute, Moorcock delivers exactly what he promised from the very beginning.


    A seminal Sword and Sorcery collection of Moorecock s Elric stories I can see how he had an influence on today s Fantasy genre Really enjoyed this I don t think it s for everyone, though.

    Mickey Schulz

    See my review for Part I.

    John Nau

    Damn Good Classic Moorcock Some Reader will be blown away towards the ends as it gets very edgy.


    Again, you either love or hate Michael Moorcock I love him His writing of the Elric Saga is absolutely flawless.

    • The Elric Saga Part II Best Read || [Michael Moorcock Robert Gould]
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    The Elric Saga Part II