Jan 27, 2022
T2: Infiltrator
Posted by S.M. Stirling

Free Read T2: Infiltrator - by S.M. Stirling Free Read T2: Infiltrator - by S.M. Stirling - T2: Infiltrator, T Infiltrator Sarah Connor and her son John know the grim tomorrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on line Targeted for annihilation because of their future destini Free Read T2: Infiltrator - by S.M. Stirling - T2: Infiltrator, T Infiltrator Sarah Connor and her son John know the grim tomorrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on line Targeted for annihilation because of their future destini

  • Title: T2: Infiltrator
  • Author: S.M. Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780061797576
  • Page: 258
  • Format: ebook
  • Free Read T2: Infiltrator - by S.M. Stirling, T2: Infiltrator, S.M. Stirling, T Infiltrator Sarah Connor and her son John know the grim tomorrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on line Targeted for annihilation because of their future destinies the Connors have already survived two separate attempts on their lives by advanced Terminator killing machines But enough T detritus remains from their last life andSarah Conno.

    Free Read T2: Infiltrator - by S.M. Stirling - T2: Infiltrator, T Infiltrator Sarah Connor and her son John know the grim tomorrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on line Targeted for annihilation because of their future destini


    7 9 I m a big fan of all the Terminator movies I never really understood the hate directed towards T3 or 4, I thought they were great and always wanted to know about what happened to Miles family after his death When I first heard of T3 I was hoping it would go on straight from where T2 left off and was disappointed when it really wasn t mentioned The prologue of T2 Infiltrator opens with Tarissa and her kids in a motel waiting for Miles return from Cyberdyne, so I m immediately excited to get [...]

    Jason Brown (Toastx2)

    I love when authors are handed either a deal too good to pass up or are needing some extra barbecue cash, and take up the mantle of authorship to write shitty movie adaptation books Piers Anthony wrote the novelization of Total Recall based on the PK Dick short , Orson Scott Card novelized The Abyss and apparently S.M Stirling wrote a trilogy of Terminator Universe novels.I picked up T2 Infiltrator for a two dollars at Goodwill Anyone who knows me is aware that I really think Stirling is a bad w [...]

    G.B. Lindsey

    I had fun with this book, even if it was a bit belated The Terminator is one of my favorite scifi franchises I adore the entire premise of the closed or open causality loop in this universe I d never read a book set in the universe, however, so I thought I d give it a go.This book takes a long time to build up to the excitement It spends the first two thirds of the story setting all its playing pieces into place so that they can cross paths in a meaningful and yes, exciting way during the last t [...]

    B. Reese

    Alright So, I d read this years before, but upon re reading it, there is so much I did not remember So much so, that I found myself wondering if I ve ever actually read the whole thing before I know I never read the second two books in this series, partially because they weren t out by the time I d read this Also, Terminator 3 was due out somewhat soonish by the time book 2 was coming And also, I d read this bookTerminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles, Book 1 Dark Futures The New John Connor [...]

    Anime Mage

    This book sucks The plot is a joke, the writing is incoherent, and the characters are unbearable Whoever told you that this was better than Terminator 3 is lying to you 1 5 stars

    Shane Amazon

    After recently watching the Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Complete First Season and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Complete Second Season all the way through, and of course being a huge fan of T2, I was excited to read T2 Infiltrator after reading all the great reviews After receiving it in the mail I tore into it right away It started out great as the author created the compelling character, Serena But, I should have known that the book was about to take a turn for the [...]

    Whitby Syme

    It s so hard to expand on something good without 1 drifting away from what made it good 2 sticking too close the source material bringing nothing freshSomething that is less hard, but is done all too often in tie in books is 3 making lame in jokes about the original storyStirling doesn t fall down on any of these things one or two from category 3 are forgivable even grudgingly enjoyable The story is a Terminator story the parts set post Judgement Day are a great expansion on the original concept [...]


    This was first released back in 2002, so 11 years after the film which was 1991 , but only a single year before Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines I think I remember reading at the time that it closely followed elements of the plot of the then proposed third movie re reading this, it is interesting to see how many of those elements actually made it into the movie, or even into The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show.This obviously follows the events of T2, with the Connors hiding out in Paraguay afte [...]

    Aaron Hamilton

    I m a fan of the Terminator universe, so I was anxious to read the books in this series I had already read many books by this author and enjoyed them, but this one fell short of my expectations There was excitement, and the characters were developed well and consistent with the movie s foundations But I kept thinking the book could have been shorter and accomplished the same storytelling Attempts at humor often fell short, and I could have done without them Overall the story was decent, but I do [...]

    Hazel M Bear

    As I loved the T 101 T 800 in the second Terminator movie, I had to get this book, as it involves the Connors meeting the man who s face was used for that mold The beginning feels like nothing is really happening, despite actually being quite full of setup information, and then the end kind of rushes at you, but you realize that this has to be a two parter, based on so many undealt with problems Still though, I can t help but fall for the sexy Swarzenegger man He s extra cute by being a badass o [...]

    Bruce M

    It s been almost 10 years since I ve read this book, now I still remember it being a solid 3 star title though I didn t hate it, I didn t love it Compared to the pile of crap that T3 Rise of the Machines turned out to be, this story fantastic It works better on pretty much every level Standing on its own as a sequel to the first two films, though, it falls a little short It was definitely worth reading, but I never did get interested enough to ride out the rest of this follow up trilogy.


    Surprisingly good There s some awkwardness associated with keeping the plot and famous lines aligned with the first two movies, and the whole looks like a Terminator thing while believably explained is brushed under the rug whenever it would be inconvenient to the author especially the last chapter The climax is fairly weak, it reads like a movie and not a book, in that anything not on screen is to be considered unimportant even if it obviously should matter.


    Infiltrator takes following the Terminator 2 movie Skynet has figured out a way to combine human machine He sends this special female terminator into the past to find Sarah and John Connor She also starts a clone of herself once she s established I found this a very believable plot within the Terminator world The Connors are in South America for much of the book What happens to them there helps them to take care of themselves when they fight the new female terminator.


    Yes, I m a Terminator fan through and through who else would make Terminator The Musical I picked this up on clearance one day and fell in love The author cleverly manages to pick up where the second movie left off and draw you back into the Terminator universe This is the first of a trilogy and I have to admit, after reading these and then watching T3 I was sorely disappointed with the movie If you enjoyed the first two terminator movies I d say give this one a try.


    This one is an interesting book, the first in a trilogy set in the T2 universe This book details a new type of terminator sent back in time to eliminate John Connor, several years after the events in T2 took place This terminator is far dangerous than a T 800 or a T 1000, as this one cannot be detected by dogs Quite a good read, one also learns here how skynet learned to hate, and you find out about it s primary programmer, it s also got some good humor in it as well.


    After having seen the tragedy that was Terminator Salvation, I thought that I would rewatch the original Terminator and T2, just to try to get T Salvation out of my mind After watching T2, I thought that I would check to see if there were any Terminator novels written, which there are, quite a few actually T2 Infiltrator got good reviews and I have to say that they weren t wrong This novel is part 1 of a trilogy Excellent storyline and good writing kept this book fresh.


    I ve generally never been a fan of books series based upon TV shows or Movies but this is one of the exceptions Stirling does a good job with the subject matter taking it from the end of the T2 movie forward prior to the T3 movie coming out so if you re a Terminator movie fan read this as an alternate history storyline This is the first of 3 Terminator books S.M Stirling wrote and if you ve read any of his Draka series you ll see some similarities in style ideas.


    This book is not a great book.This is the kind of book I used to like, back when I didn t care about plot or subtlety at all.Every scene is based on the luck of the scene right before it.However, it did make for a better airplane ride than without anything So there s that, I suppose.


    I don t even know if I need to review this so much as state in big, bold letters If you re a Terminator fan, you should read this trilogy I usually don t get into sci fi books in fact, these might be the only three sci fi books I ve ever read but this trilogy kept me entertained and engrossed Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.

    Ty Smith

    Great book Great story I am a huge Terminator fan and I m definitely excited about reading the books Unfortunately, I didn t know this book is part of a series So now I have to track down the other 2 books But, that doesn t take away from the fact that the book is awesome


    Am a huge Terminator fan, and really enjoyed this book.Not amazingly well written or great literature, however it was thrilling, action packed and sucked me right back into Sarah and John s world I loved it


    Not very well written Story is only interesting at all if you re a Terminator fan John and Sarah don t really feel like John and Sarah Every part of the plot is based on extremely unlikely coincidences.


    I absolutely loved this book It s everything the third Terminator movie should have been and should be the basis of the TV series as well An excellent read


    I enjoyed this book despite a slightly slow start, but I think it would be incomprehensible or at least unenjoyable to anyone who had not seen the first two Terminator movies.

    Justin Salisbury

    A really good book series for Terminator fans.


    The man the T 101s were modeled on moves in next door to Sarah Connor and son Wacky hijinks ensue.


    This book is especially of note if you are watching the new Sarah Conner Chronicles TV show a lot of elements are in here.


    Stirling is a very adequate author and I am a Terminator fan A pleasant match.


    Worth reading.


    The true sequel to the Terminator films Forget all that T3 and Sarah Connor Chronicles crap This is it.

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