Jan 27, 2022
Nana, Vol. 7
Posted by Ai Yazawa

[PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa [PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa - Nana, Vol. 7, Nana Vol Nana K was happy to be Blast s biggest cheerleader but now that the band is taking off she s discovering that there are hordes of fans eager to take her place At the same time her involvement with [PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa - Nana, Vol. 7, Nana Vol Nana K was happy to be Blast s biggest cheerleader but now that the band is taking off she s discovering that there are hordes of fans eager to take her place At the same time her involvement with

  • Title: Nana, Vol. 7
  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • ISBN: 9781421510217
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa, Nana, Vol. 7, Ai Yazawa, Nana Vol Nana K was happy to be Blast s biggest cheerleader but now that the band is taking off she s discovering that there are hordes of fans eager to take her place At the same time her involvement with Trapnest hottie Takumi is turning into a romantic entanglement she hadn t expected When a chance for another kind of happiness presents itself will Nana K be strong enougNana K was happy.

    [PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa - Nana, Vol. 7, Nana Vol Nana K was happy to be Blast s biggest cheerleader but now that the band is taking off she s discovering that there are hordes of fans eager to take her place At the same time her involvement with


    Oh my goodness oh my goodness This volume had so much drama But it definitely was good drama and I m stupid excited to see what exactly is going to happen to with both ladies I don t want to say too much because of spoilers But if you haven t started this series yet you definitely need to read it.


    I m completely addicted to Ai Yazawa s shojo manga Nana Nana is the story of two young women, both from small towns, who meet on the bullet train and end up moving in together in Tokyo Nana Komatsu a.k.a Hachi is a small town girl who has big city dreams of romance and leaving her old life and self behind, while Nana Osaki has come to Tokyo to try to find success as the singer of her psuedo punk rock band, Blast This all sounds like pretty standard fare so far, but once you throw in copious pier [...]

    Jenny Clark

    Shin is funny in this one, how he mooches off all the girls and seams so mature and then SUSHI AhhahahaKinda torn about Takumi He can seem sweet, but in the other volumes grrr I dont know.I m confused Who is Misato Does Nana know the truth And Shin is I love how Misato and Hachi are both girlie girl style but yet love hard rock punk


    I have so many feelings, you guys, and they re all so intense So many things happen in this volume, and I m still kind of dying of feelings in the best way.


    4.5 stars

    Cecilia ❄️

    My favorite volume so far, cause a certain relationship 3 And I had totally forgotten about Shin s background story I can t wait to know


    This needs a spoiler section Non spoilery summary that won t help me remember what happened The one where we see the difference between on stage charisma and off stage personas The one where Shin questions forever love, while falling in love The one where Nana K bakes a cake The one where Nana K makes an important phone call The one where the voiceovers began to really, really worry me The one where Nana O is a queen, and a strategist, maintaining the borders of her kingdom.


    I keep being amazed at how new characters and storylines are introduced, and yet the current ones still hum along, with older ones occasionally raising their heads Nana is finding new love maybe , two characters are not what they seem, and there s some Nana Nana weirdness afoot, and yet Junko and Kyosuke are still important, and even Shoji and Sachiko make a brief appearance Each volume of this series continues to delight me.

    Perpetual Writer's Block

    I love this manga So much drama So much character So much awesome.Other thoughts view spoiler awwAWwWwww NOBU AND NANA ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER STOPBut, Nana, you seriously need to realize that other guy I don t know his name, the rockstar guy she slept with doesn t think your relationship is over hide spoiler


    God there are a lot of people having sex with other people that I can t keep track of in this book And a lot of yakking about intra rock band politics And lesbian overtones and hanging out in bathtubs having important conversations I enjoy it though I probably can t justify how much I enjoy it.Ren is still really hot which is weird because I am so not into Sid Vicious.

    Kristine Hansen

    Oh Nana What have you done I find the emotional levels of this series to be so surprising The panels are drawn in such a way as to tug at your heart and sometimes bring tears to your eyes Deep.exghI want to own this series


    If only Takumi could be gone forever and then I would be so very happy Anyways here s another situation where Nana didn t handle things correctly I know shocking , but at the same time I can t help but cut her some slack It s easy to be like hello this guy is nice to you, this other guy is mean to you, just pick the nice guy when you re an outsider looking in I understand it, because I ve certainly made some foolhardy romance choices, but I do wish the story would ve progressed in a way that Nan [...]

    Paul Spence

    I became a fan of the Nana manga series because of a recommendation from Dr Mara Wood of the Talking Comics podcast.This series is about relationships, the search for personal identity and punk rock It is a delightful combination which features an ensemble cast of relatable characters I love the series and Volume 7 had some great character developments that has really pushed the two Nanas of the series in new directions I will eventually pick up all the volumes in this series because it is such [...]


    So Big Nana s band is doing amazingly as are Ren and Big Nana.Little Nana is still caught between Takumi and Nobu but she seems to be working things out, just not as well as she could Rrgh Be clear and concise This is why I hate feelings and relationships.This series is currently on hiatus at 21 volumes.

    Paola Pretell

    Omgggggg mis recuerdos son muy confusos sobre el anime, as que me emocion mucho con los momentos de Nobu 3

    Em Mirra



    Ugh, Hachi don t mess this one up too.


    see full review Katie s CornerToday I m having a work, which has been on a hiatus since 2009 To say the truth in the very beginning of the story I got very bored, but I just wanted to know what really happened so I continued to read it And oh my, I loved this story I hate that the author hasn t been writing, but she has her problems, therefore I can only guess what happened in the end of the story But let me tell you why I both loved and hated this story.This story is very realistic I could even [...]


    Ai Yazawa en su s ptimo volumen de Nana hace frente finalmente a los sentimientos Hachi por Nobu, aunque confusos y muy distantes de los que tiene hacia Takumi, me dan un respiro de los momentos que me desagradaron en torno a ellos durante sus entregas anteriores.Por primera vez, en siente vol menes, Hachi parece pensar con claridad y enfocarse en lo que realmente la puede hacer feliz, lejos de los deseos superficiales que dominaban su mente y en muchas ocasiones su coraz n Ai Yazawa comienza a [...]


    Overall Rating ASynopsis Nana Komatsu is a 20 year old with a penchant for falling in love at first sight After a year at art school, her best friend and her boyfriend move to Tokyo, so Nana decides to save up her money and follow them after a year Nana Osaki is a punk singer in the band Blast with her boyfriend Ren When Ren gets an offer to join an up and coming band in Tokyo, he leaves Blast and Nina behind A year later, Nina heads to Tokyo as well The two women meet by chance on the train to [...]


    Apr s un petit arr t et des critiques laiss es en suspens, je me suis replong e dans la s rie Nana et j ai d vor le tome 8 Tout au long des 4 tomes, le groupe punk de Nana, la brune, se d veloppe et prend de l ampleur Ils assurent en concert Peut tre que son r ve de surpasser le groupe de Ren va enfin se r aliser.De son c t , Nana, la blonde, replonge dans une nouvelle histoire d amour avec Takumi du groupe rock de Ren Ce mec est imbuvable avec les filles et imbus de sa personne oui je commence [...]


    I thought I had a serious case of deja vu while reading this, until I realized that I read the individual chapters in Shojo Beat last year In this vol, Blast is starting to make it big and gets the notice of a record label Hachi plans a celebratory dinner, but then the band can t come over because of meeting with label Hachi feels lonely and not needed so runs to Takumi She thought he uses her, but now wonders if she uses him too She learns of Nobu s feelings for her, but he doesn t want to get [...]

    Nóri Somogyi

    Kedvenc 2 Fell p ssel indul, s nekem itt is szinte megsz laltak a lapok lehet n vagyok fl gos,aki hangokat hallxD A BLAST szerz d st kap,minden t kj l indul Shin s Reira kapcsolata is bonyol dik,amit nagyon szeretek a t rt netben Nobu s Hachi a kedvenc p rosom s annyira r ltem mikor Shin kissebb nagyobb k zrem k d s vel v gre kezdtek egym sra hangol dni Hachi kicsit buta,mert azt hiszi,hogy azzal,hogy r csapja Takumira a telefont azzal m r hopp,szak tottak is, de b rtam Takumi megr k ny d s t ug [...]


    At first I was like and then I see you foreshadowing and I don t like you.4.5 5


    Ah, Nana I have gotten so emotionally involved with the Nanas Must be some really good writing as usually the manga I read might be good but I m not as tied to the characters as I am to the members of these punk bands The drawing is great, the story line is moving It s all very, very good And I know it s going to end sadly but that s okay these characters are so real.


    At first I was thinking No Not this one Waaaaaahhhhh T.T And then I realized that the sadness lies in the fact that Nana and Hachi are drifting so far apart caught up lives so different But Hachi is with the RIGHT guy now _ Bittersweet book I feel like I can relate to this book.


    I used to think that guys were supposed to be strong for their girlfriends without question So I tried to act all tough in front of the girls I went out with But now I see how stupid that was What I thought you said you d do anything to make me happy And I will As long as you re always there to support me.


    Hachi gets bitten by the jealousy bug, of fangirls swarming her best friend Nana Osaki and her sometimes boyfriend Takumi So she lashes out and then, rashly begins a new relationship with Nobu What follows can only be bad news


    I continue to enjoy Nana In this volume, we see of Nana K s naive self destructiveness and a darker side to Nana O The title as a whole is a welcome departure from sugary sweet, formulaic shojo, both in terms of art and story.


    Une des mes s ries de mangas pr f r es, sans aucun doute Un sh j qui peut para tre basique, mais comme il est tourn autours d un monde musical, il est tr s sp cial mes yeux De plus, cette s rie a berc e mon adolescence.

    • [PDF] Unlimited · Nana, Vol. 7 : by Ai Yazawa
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    Nana, Vol. 7