Jan 27, 2022
Where Shadows Dance
Posted by C.S. Harris

[PDF] Where Shadows Dance | by ☆ C.S. Harris [PDF] Where Shadows Dance | by ☆ C.S. Harris - Where Shadows Dance, Where Shadows Dance How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed Regency London July That s the challenge confronting C S Harris s aristocratic soldier turned sleuth Sebastian St Cyr w [PDF] Where Shadows Dance | by ☆ C.S. Harris - Where Shadows Dance, Where Shadows Dance How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed Regency London July That s the challenge confronting C S Harris s aristocratic soldier turned sleuth Sebastian St Cyr w

  • Title: Where Shadows Dance
  • Author: C.S. Harris
  • ISBN: 9781101475942
  • Page: 285
  • Format: ebook
  • [PDF] Where Shadows Dance | by ☆ C.S. Harris, Where Shadows Dance, C.S. Harris, Where Shadows Dance How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed Regency London July That s the challenge confronting C S Harris s aristocratic soldier turned sleuth Sebastian St Cyr when his friend surgeon and anatomist Paul Gibson illegally buys the cadaver of a young man from London s infamous body snatchers A rising star at the Foreign Office MrHow do you.

    [PDF] Where Shadows Dance | by ☆ C.S. Harris - Where Shadows Dance, Where Shadows Dance How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed Regency London July That s the challenge confronting C S Harris s aristocratic soldier turned sleuth Sebastian St Cyr w


    This is such a good series and it just keeps getting better and better As with the previous books this one is full to bursting with dead bodies, political intrigue, mystery and historical interest All very good indeed However its main strength is in its wonderful characters and in particular of course, Sebastian and Hero There is so much chemistry between the two of them and one day they are going to have to admit it to themselves.Special note to Hero s big scene where she shows us exactly what [...]


    This is fast becoming my favourite series as each instalment gets better and better I tried to read this slowly to prolong the enjoyment but ended up inhaling it as usual Maybe this is one series I will have to re read Sebastian St Cyr finds himself embroiled in another murder But this time it s a murder the police do not know about His friend, surgeon and anatomist Paul Gibson has discovered that one of the bodies provided to him by the body snatchers, did not die of a heart attack but of a wou [...]


    Sebastian St Cyr finds himself in an unusual dilemma when his friend and surgeon, Paul Gibson, works on a resurrected body of a young man who reportedly died of heart failure but determines he was murdered Sebastian must surreptitiously investigate without disclosing how he came to know of the true circumstances of Alexander Ross death In the meantime, he s also preparing for his marriage in less than a week This was SO good Bodies piling up and the list of suspects longer than manageable, all w [...]


    It s not going to be easy, investigating a murder no one knows occurred I decided to end a self imposed moratorium on binge reading the series and once again plunge into fascinating and dangerous world of Sebastian St Cyr.As with other instalments, the less is said about the plot the better But let me assure you, it is un put downable as every chapter brings new turn and twist to the mystery while Sebastian navigates dangerous political waters and international intrigues to bring a murderer to j [...]

    Mary Beth

    Another excellent series Its a great historical mystery.


    I d planned to take my time with this book Planned to take my time and read it slowly because I know it s likely to be awhile before we get the next installment.I started it last night at about 10 00 and finished it at about 3 00am.So much for my big plans, huh Once I started reading, I literally could not force myself to stop For me, though, it wasn t so much the mystery that kept me reading as it was for the interaction between Sebastian and Hero While the mysteries themselves are always so we [...]


    Four and a half starsI may have a new favorite for the series here Nope, no question about it, new favorite Picking up roughly 2 3 weeks after the last book, we find that Gibson, Sebastian s anatomist surgeon friend has inadvertently stumbled upon a murder of a governmental official Of course, Sebastian can t help but get involved Now I m not going to lie, this mystery left me a bit confused There was too much political stuff going on for me to feel like I ever had a good grasp on things, what w [...]


    I really wish that I could give this book than three stars, because there are some really good things about it The author clearly does research the period and it is interesting to have actual people and events woven into the narrative I also like the two main characters, particularly Hero who is full of spunk However, Ms Harris writing seems to bring out my inner pedant, which is something I find hugely frustrating when I read a novel For example, a minor character towards the beginning of the [...]


    A dash of body snatching and a lot of murder Basically, a whole lot of dead bodies 1 Paul Gibson is one of the original murderinos, and he deserves a larger storyline 2 Hero is a badass 3 loving where the Sebastian Hero relationship is going Both of them are great separately Together they have the potential to be even amazing 4 still some mooning over Kat ugh Though not as much, sooo progress


    Loving this series the mysteries are well put together and very topical for the time, and I am completely into the slowly unfolding romance view spoiler Hero is so much the better match for Sebastian than Kat she challenges him, can keep up with him mentally and kicks serious arse She s independent, but not stupidly so, and is starting to realise that even though she s still wary of him, he s hot I can t wait to find out where this is going to go hide spoiler




    Where Shadows Dance5 StarsSebastian St Cyr comes to the aid of his friend, anatomist Paul Gibson, who has discovered that his newly acquired speciman is, in fact, a murder victim As an employee of the Foreign Office, Alexander Ross s death leads Sebastian to the upper echelons of the diplomatic corps with suspects from Turkey, Russia, Sweden, France and the United States What would be important enough for these people to risk war in order to conceal The mystery returns once again to the politica [...]


    The plot drug on The descriptive phrases used for each major character get used over and over again Hendon s blue eyes, Miss Jarvis s attitude and mode of dress, St Cyr s yellow eyes, catlike reflexes, blar blar blar.I have to stop buying these.

    ❆ Crystal ❆

    4 stars I really enjoyed reading this book The ending was perfect I can t wait to read in the series.

    Barbara Rogers

    It seems each book in the series gets better maybe it is because I see the continuing characters grow and change I must confess though, I don t understand Sebastian s continuing attitude toward Hendon Yes, Hendon lied to him about his parentage, but, my goodness, in that time I would have thought that would have been something that was appreciated I d think if he wanted to hate somebody, it would have been his mother I hope they work things out because Hendon seems so lonely.The mysteries, crime [...]

    Dosha (Bluestocking7) Beard

    Well, I just have to say Hero is my HERO I just love her Early in this series, I didn t care much for her, but she has certainly been given a lot depth in this book and her character is both complicated with her various interests and then very simple in her devotion to family and values The book centers around solving who is murdering prominent people in London, but the side stories and the wonderful characters that come to life in this series make it addictive I learned a good deal about Hero [...]


    Another phenomenal Sebastian St Cyr mystery In Where Shadows Dance by C.S Harris, there is an incredible amount going on in the summer of 1812 It is two years into the Regency Period, and diplomatically things are very complicated Finland is taken by Russia, and in June the US declared war on Britain Sebastian becomes involved in another murder He is still carrying very heavy negative feelings towards his father My compliments to the author on her amazing research and knowledge With those and he [...]


    This sixth book in the Sebastian St Cyr series is as solid as the previous mysteries I don t think the mystery itself was my personal favorite, though I did quite enjoy it But make no mistake, I loved this book because of Hero Hero has appeared since What Angels Fear and in each subsequent book she is revealed to be complex and fascinating, though not always likeable in the way in which women are typically judged She is often depicted as an androgynous character and she s the only character in t [...]


    This was really just three and a half stars for me I m not sure why I m delighted that Hero and Devlin s relationship is continuing to evolve, so that wasn t the reason I didn t care for this mystery as much as the previous five I did laugh out loud during the scene where Alexander Ross s body is re exhumed I think in the end it was the murders themselves that I found a little wanting Still looking looking forward to the next book in the series.

    Terri Lynn

    I really enjoy this series of mysteries set in the 1810 s London In this one, Sebastian Viscount Devlin St Cyr gets involved in solving the murder of an aristocrat from the Foreign Office, Alexander Ross, when his physician surgeon anatomist friend Dr Paul Gibson has his body snatcher friend steal the young man s body from the grave for him to dissect, curious as to why such a young man had a heart attack so young and finds it was not a heart attack but a stiletto wound to the base of the skull [...]


    First Sentence A cool wind gusted up, rustling the branches of the trees overhead and bringing with it the unmistakable clatter of wooden wheels approaching over cobblestones.Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is surprised by an early morning visit from his friend Paul Gibson Paul, surgeon who practices dissection and autopsies, received a body from the snatchers The young man was said to have died of a heart attack but was murdered Who better to turn then Devlin, an investigator with a staunch [...]


    So first off, because this is going to turn into a cranky redacted fest shortly, let me state that I did like this and it s pretty solid, but it is not my favorite in the series A dead young man ends up on a dissection table but unfortunately his death was not as natural as it was reported St Cyr gets pulled into a political intrigue as he tries to discover just what had happened We ve got rafts of dead bodies this time around, which I never find to be a detractor, but the sheer amount of politi [...]

    Elis Madison

    Anatomists in the Regency era didn t find it easy to study anatomy Cadavers available for study were not exactly thick on the ground Which is why Paul Gibson quite illegally pays grave robbers for his supply The trouble begins when he requests a certain specific corpse, that of a young man said to have died of heart trouble Only it turns out the young man was murdered.It s not like Gibson can drop by a magistrate and expose the murder, so he enlists Sebastian St Cyr to discreetly investigate It [...]


    You know, I was all set to hate Hero and hate the fact that Sebastian wasn t with Kat, since they obviously belonged together I kept waiting to see how the author was going to take care of the whole honor bound marriage to Hero and get Sebastian and Kat together, even if she didn t finish that in this book But now I wonder I don t think Kat would ever let herself be talked into marriage with Sebastian, and the last scene in the book makes me start to be okay with this I began liking Hero during [...]

    Be Fisher

    I loved this one, there were some humorous parts that had me laughing rather unexpected to find some humor in a murder mystery And of course the mystery was great I do agree with some other reviewers , in that she doesn t need to describe certain details over and again in each new book that comes out in the series but if she does , it s ok , I love this series and will continue to read them Hero completely redeemed herself in this one , maybe that s why I enjoyed this one so much , that and the [...]

    Quinby6696 Frank

    Continuing my obsession with my now best friend, C.S Harris, I like these mysteries better and better Sebastian spoiler alert must now wed Hero Jarvis, daughter of his worst enemy, but, as always, Harris throws in her usual monkey wrenches My daughter loves the books, but asked me if I had anything a bit lighter since they are so full of gore I guess I m just ghoulish doesn t bother me at all I especially love Sebastian s friend, Paul Gibson, who does all the dissections I m beginning to panic b [...]


    I ve not liked the series as much the I read, and I ve come to the conclusion is because the writing itself is lacking In a series, you of course get repeat descriptions of characters who were introduced in earlier books, but her descriptions are the same in each book, almost verbatim I sometimes feel she tries too hard to use the language of the period, but doesn t quite succeed It s a shame, as I felt like the first book was quite good and showed great promise, but the latter ones aren t as g [...]


    Quick read.I only gave it three stars because honestly the murder mystery plot was a bit too byzantine even for those us who like a twisty tale At the denouement I, shamefully, lost track of who killed who and why But on the upside I remain a Hero advocate At one point in the book, Hero extricates herself very awesomely from a bit of trouble and it made me love her .For people who are Sebastian Hero fans as I am , this book will make you smile Especially the very end.


    4.5 STARS No one has immunity from Jarvisor me I m six books in and these storylines just keep getting better This installment had political undertones than the last few books, but it was still entertaining I haven t mentioned it, but I adore Paul and Tom I can t wait to start book 7 view spoiler That last chapter was amazing and probably my favorite of the series This slow burning romance is the best I hope Kat is gone for good hide spoiler

    Jim C

    Really enjoyed New character I ve discovered Will look for by this author.

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    Where Shadows Dance